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from St.Theresa of Avilla 17 August 1998

Throughout history men have been killing each other and often for the smallest of reasons. Today there are many dealing in terror and killing whomsoever they can. These terrorists often believe they are freedom fighters but they do not understand there is no freedom in sin.

Sometimes these confused people claim to be doing it for God or that it is God's will. How foolish they are to be deceived so easily and how sorry they will be when they stand before God.

These people should understand that God treasures life and abhors the taking of life no matter what the reason, what the belief. These sowers of terror should also understand unless they repent and change their ways, that it is they who will suffer eternally.

To commit mortal sin for your country, your faith, or in revenge will cost your soul and no country is worth that. Any faith that asks one to do so is not of God and any pleaure found in revenge will be short-lived, while the suffering will be eternal.

Freedom only comes in God and if you break His command, 'Thou shalt not kill,' and do it knowingly, then you will find only slavery in hell awaiting.

Come to your senses, those who kill, and seek God's forgiveness before it is too late.

Ref : Jeremiah 25:32 Lo calamity stalks.

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