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11 Aug 2009

Sometimes, as Catholics try to live their faith and stand up for what is right and truthful they are accused of not being very Christian.

It may be when a parent refuses to accept their children living in sin or living immoral lives and asks the children to stop their bad behaviour.  The children may respond by saying it is not very Christian to oppose what they do and it is their life they can do what they want.  The son or daughter may demand that the parents accept their behaviour.

Societies too, in some countries, promote that it is perfectly normal to lead promiscuous lives with many sexual partners and at times have sex education classes for the young that express that belief.  Some sex education classes in schools teach children about contraception, sexual techniques and that heterosexuality is not the only choice to be made.  In Holland on a recent visit we read of a programme on TV that had a young boy and a young girl masturbating suggesting to the young that rather than risk HIV with sexual intercourse they should masturbate and showed them how to do it!  In the USA I heard of a programme where sex educators were suggesting to young people that to avoid HIV and STD’s, instead of sexual intercourse they should perform oral sex.

When parents do not want these things taught to their children some see them as unreasonable and that they deny their children the rightful education all should have. The truth is, it is very Christian to oppose what is wrong and to stand against it.

It is very Christian to advise your offspring against doing what is wrong and what may be harmful not only physically and mentally but spiritually too.

It is very Christian to reject what is wrong and to never accept sin.

With the terrible sin of abortion those who are pro choice frequently say that it is not very Christian to ignore or not treat as the primary concern the mother and her predicament and her freedom to choose.  That it is unchristian to try and force others to have children they do not want.

The truth is it is very Christian to stand against the slaughter of the innocents.  Nothing justifies the killing of a child inside or outside of the womb, as happens in partial birth abortions or when babies are left to die after being born alive after botched abortions.  Nothing makes acceptable the holocaust of the innocents that is taking place in the world today.

While at times there are very sad circumstances that some pregnant women find themselves in this is never the fault of the baby and it is not right that the baby should be sacrificed for the mother.  A parent is meant to sacrifice for their child, this is a basic value implanted in all by God but destroyed in some by the world and self.  It is a value society is meant to hold as well but often does not.

The very Christian thing, in this awful situation, is to stand firmly against the taking of life and to do all that is possible to help those involved in this to see the error of their ways.  

The very Christian thing to do would be to help the mother and the child and to work for society to do the same so that no woman would find themselves feeling so confused, or so desperate, or so lost that they feel they have to have their own flesh and blood, their own child killed.

Some today foolishly believe the world is overpopulated and see the need to control population growth through contraception.  If a Christian does not agree with this view they may be seen as stupid or accused of not being very Christian as they are not considering the poor and needy in the world who do not have enough to eat.  It is claimed that they may not have enough to eat because there are too many people in the world and not enough food and so control of the birth rate is essential if we are to feed all. 

It is very Christian to defend the right of all to be parents and of all children to be born.

It is very Christian not to accept the deceptions and misunderstandings that support the need for population control.

It is very Christian to cry out there is enough food and resources for all if we just share as we are meant to.

It is very Christian to say those in the third world have the right to have as many children as God will give to them and they so desire within natural family planning methods.

It is very Christian to say regardless of how many people live on Earth the climate does not need to be changed for the worse if we would just make the effort to look after it.

There are those today who claim it is not being Christian to oppose the use of condoms to reduce the HIV infection rate.  They claim to oppose condoms is to ensure the growth of HIV and to bring about the deaths of many from it.  Yet the reverse is true for it is very Christian to oppose condoms.  Condoms have done little if nothing at all to halt the spread of HIV.  In countries where condoms are the main preventative measures, HIV is rampant and not being halted.  Yet, in Uganda where abstinence and monogamy are the main preventative measures the rate of HIV infection is lower. 

No Christian should accept the use of condoms for any reason as their prime action is to prevent life.  Also, condoms promote promiscuity, they do not encourage people to be faithful to their spouse.  Condoms bring a false security where some think they can carry on with many partners sexually and have no or little risk of acquiring HIV.  How foolish it is that some would trust their life to the thin layer of latex that a condom is made of (there are various reports stating that condoms if used perfectly every time have a failure rate of 2-3% and typically used have a failure rate between 12-15%).

So it is very Christian to call for abstinence, fidelity and moral lives and to reject the use of condoms.

In the world today there has been a major change in the way homosexuality is seen.  Many now see it as a valid sexual orientation that no one should oppose.  Homosexuality is seen as an acceptable alternative to heterosexuality and promoted as such by some movements and governments.  To oppose homosexuality is even considered as an attack on a person’s rights and humanity and as a discrimination against others.  To oppose homosexuality is seen by some as not very Christian for surely if two people love each other regardless of gender they should be allowed to have a sexual relationship.  

To stand against homosexual marriage is called by some as not very Christian for how could you deny two people in love the right to marry?  To refuse same sex couples the right to adopt is often declared as an attack on the equal rights of people.

Whether governments, movements or society do not agree it is very Christian to oppose what is wrong.  Homosexuality is not a valid sexual orientation, it is not part of the normal sexual function of procreation.  Homosexuality is wrong and must be opposed by those who love the truth.  As a Christian a person has a duty not to accept what is wrong even if the whole world says it is right.  It is a duty to reach out to those trapped in this lifestyle and help them find the beauty of true love as God created it to be.  To help those who cannot overcome their homosexuality to remain celibate and to find joy in the love of God.

Homosexuality is not a normal state for people and it is not a true part of mankind’s gift of sexuality from God.  It is impossible for homosexuals to have a marriage in the eyes of God even if the world says it is a marriage.

It is very Christian to stand firm in these truths, to do anything less is certainly not Christian and is a rejection of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church teaching.

It is very Christian to oppose adoption of children by same sex couples as the child would be put in a situation where it is exposed to immorality and sin and may be educated to accept these wrongs as right.

It is to be remembered always that it is also very Christian never to discriminate against others for any reason.

It is very Christian never to judge another or condemn them.

It is very Christian to see the weaknesses and mistakes of others and pray for them to be overcome while of course remembering your own faults and weaknesses.

It is very Christian to lead others gently to the true way of life without demanding or trying to force them to do so, seeing that everyone is loved by God no matter who they are or how they live and you should love everyone too.  Seeing the gentle love of Christ for others and showing that same gentle love in the way you act with others, even those who do what is wrong.

It is very Christian to want everyone to be treated with respect and to be treated equally but in that equality not accepting what is wrong.

It is very Christian to expect and demand your governments protect and care for the needy, the poor, the vulnerable and those in unfortunate circumstances.

It is very Christian to demand your governments protect life not destroy it.

It is very Christian to expect that you too have the right to be respected and treated equally.

Alan Ames Ministry

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