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The Cross
Apr 15 , 2019

Just as the cross could not overcome or defeat Our Lord, Jesus, we should not let our crosses overcome us. If we, in the hard times, keep focused on The Lord in His suffering our suffering will come into perspective and not imprison us in thoughts of self pity or despair. As we look to how He suffered and died for us without complaining we can find hope as we let go of the thoughts that lead us into despair and let His divine grace from the cross fill us and lead us beyond any fear of what might lay ahead as we find security in Him for the life to come.

It is also in offering our pain to Him on the cross and allowing Him to unite it in His sacrifice of love that our suffering becomes a sacrifice for others, a sacrifice that by His grace can bring salvation and healing to those in need. Then we can also find the grace not to complain about our suffering and making it a burden for others but instead let people see the joy of being united with The Lord in His suffering a joy that can bring many to desire that joy too if and when they may suffer. In this Holy Week let us reach out to our crucified Lord in the hope that we can embrace Him on the cross not turn away from Him and in that embrace find holiness in any suffering we may have through Him.

God bless,

alan ames

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