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The Empire of Evil
Nov 24, 2014

In the world today many are looking around for the coming of an anti-Christ and some are looking at other countries and seeing them as evil empires while forgetting to look at their own countries.

There is an evil empire in the world and all the governments, countries and populations who support evil are part of it. The governments, populations and countries that promote or accept abortion, contraception, population control, immorality, homosexual life styles and homosexual marriages, declare certain times of the year as time to celebrate LGBT lives, promote selfishness and self-centeredness, greed and ignore the plight of the needy. The ones, governmental, atheistic or so-called religious, who persecute Christians and others for their beliefs. Those who terrorise and slaughter others because of their different beliefs. Those who say convert or die. Those who believe in slavery or treat one gender as inferior to another. The governments who use their power to subdue others to their will. The ones who take advantage of the poor and weak by exploiting them and their resources for selfish reasons. The ones who ignore the calls for help of those lost and without homes or countries to call their own and to be safe in.

There is an evil empire all around and there are many anti-Christs within it, for anyone who leads others into that which opposes the will of Christ is an anti-Christ. Any governments and peoples who attack those who are trying to live as best they can the way of Christ, they are all anti-Christ. The sad thing is that today many who profess to be Christian, profess to be Catholic are easily blinded into being part of this evil empire. They become so blind at times that they join in the chorus of hatred that spews forth in attacks on those who try to live the Christian way. Whole nations are drawn into the vitriol of evil and led into joining with the darkness of evil in calling for the destruction of leaders of nations and peoples who want to live the right way and reject the immorality of evil. They listen foolishly and follow blindly their own leaders who say they must maintain peace by force of arms, which in itself is a contradiction. The leaders who will attack other countries because they will not bend to their own immoral way of life. Attack those who stand up for Christ in refusing to accept abortion, birth and population control, homosexual life as an acceptable alternative to the heterosexual life refusing to let this be taught in schools and encourage people to live good lives.

These evil ones in the world scream loudly whenever anyone stands firm in Christ and will do anything to stop them. It should be so obvious to all who love Christ as to what is happening in the world but unfortunately it is not because so many have been almost brainwashed into accepting that their societies’ way of life is right and is the best for all even if it has to be forced upon others.

Of course there are many people living in these nations swamped by evil who are trying to change things, who are trying to live to the way of Christ and who do see the wrong that is happening. It is through these people grace is granted to change lives and souls. However, these good people are in the minority in many countries and are themselves attacked and silenced by those in power. These people are made to seem as if they are intolerant extremists when in fact it is society that is intolerant and extreme in many cases. Evil has covered many with a blanket of confusion that leads away from Christ and into the depths of darkness.

In the world today evil has a firm hand and that is why there are so many conflicts, so much pain and suffering and so much inequality. The world is a mess; just what evil wants.

Instead of looking around and waiting for an anti-Christ to come Christians should see the anti-Christ all around. Instead of waiting for the end times and being fearful of them Christians should be standing up and declaring the love of Christ to all so that the evil empire in the world can be overcome by the love of Christ. Christians should be standing up and calling for true morality to be embraced by societies.

Instead of being silent when other nations and peoples who promote Christ’s ways and morals are attacked we should be defending them not joining in the attacks because of nationalistic pride or because everyone else is. Christians are meant to be different, we are meant to defend the truth of Christ wherever that may be and not defend the deceit of the world.

We as Christians are meant to be the ones who in the love of Christ overcome the powers of darkness in the world not embrace them. The Lord, Jesus, gives His followers the opportunity to be sacrificial vessels of love through whom He can work to change the world. He calls each one who loves Him to live proclaiming and defending His truth and defending those others who do the same. We must not be blinded by race, ethnicity, country or cultural differences. Christians must stand united as one love in our one Lord. The Lord, Jesus, gives His followers the opportunity to be sanctified by living in Him and for Him just as the apostles and the martyrs did. He calls each one of us to holiness by standing tall in Him not shrinking in the assault of evil in the world. The followers of The Lord, should never forget our Catholic Church is a sacrificial church and we as part of the church in obedience to the Pope and the hierarchy should be prepared to sacrifice our all for Christ and for others. This has always been The Lord, Jesus’ call and if we respond to it eternal glory in heaven is ours. The gates of hell cannot stand against the church and the one who sits on the throne of St. Peter and holds the keys of heaven in his hands. It cannot stand against us as we are the church. However, we as the church must stand against the hell on earth that exists in the evil empire spreading its darkness. If we do victory is ours, it is assured.

Now we are given this golden opportunity to show how strong our faith is, how strong our love of God is and how strong our desire is for all to be saved. Let us willingly sacrifice and not fear doing so. Let us willingly give our lives for Christ in whatever way He calls us to. Let us not be ruled by fear but by the grace of God’s love. Let us truly be Catholic and be as true as the apostles and martyrs of the church before us have been.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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