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The Glory of God
Apr 21, 2019

From the darkness of the tomb arose the Glory of God showing that glory to all of mankind. The Glory He invites all to enter and become part of so that they can rise above the darkness in the world to experience the eternal light that brings all who will embrace it to salvation in Him. It is in embracing the light that never fades, the light that never darkens, the light that never ends that people can let that divine light fill them and disperse the darkness in their lives and send the evil ones who attack them in life spiritually, emotionally and physically back into the shadows from whence they came. It is in embracing that divine light that is Jesus, Our Risen Lord, that His glory will radiate from within us as that glory will sanctify us and raise us on high so that all can see in us the love and peace that comes in embracing Jesus, The Lord.

Then we, by His grace, will become the lights in the dark, the beacons leading others to the glory that awaits in heaven. If we want His glory to be within us and in our lives we must never seek to glorify self but always show the glory of God to others. We must never see ourselves as being worthy of being glorified by God but always realise we are not worthy of it and that it is only by the loving grace of Jesus we can be made worthy. That is why it is so important we embrace The Risen Lord, Jesus, and let, by His grace and His will, His glory enter into us so that we become vessels of that divine glory. Vessels that become glorified by the sharing of His glory and love and by letting His grace flow through us to bless others and not try to keep it for ourselves.

The Lord, Jesus, is risen and He reaches out to us to join Him in His resurrection by dying to self so that we can be raised up and glorified in Him. So that we can experience His glory and in doing so never stop thanking God as we realise how unworthy we are but how much The Lord, Jesus, loves us that He would sacrifice Himself so that through His death and resurrection we can find our way to our glorious home of heaven.

Have a blessed Easter,

Alan Ames

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