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The Noise of the World
Aug 22, 2014

Today people fill their minds with the noise of the world and because of this leave little room for Jesus, Our Lord. So many today have their televisions on throughout the day, their radio's playing, spend hours on computers, wear headphones as they walk, use the mobile telephones frequently speaking or texting as they do. As the mind becomes full of this worldly static any space there for God is filled and God can become increasingly distant. The world draws people more and more into this noise as technology increases and we are persuaded we need these things in our lives.

People at times become almost mesmerised by technology and so easily their focus is taken away from God. Technology for some seems to be the reason for life. Frequently the young find it harder and harder to form relationships and to mix with others as they become isolated in their technology. Relationships often are through technology with constant texting or video calls and phone calls. Relationships are becoming less personal and people meet through the internet sites and frequently problems occur because of the deceptions that can easily be made.

Foolishly so many open their lives to the whole world as they post their often most intimate details online and some also use the social media to attack and abuse others. For some the most important thing is to get a video recording of every thing even if it means ignoring some one who may need help. Some video and post violent attacks as they happen making no attempt to stop them often encouraging the attack all for the sake of posting online.

Society is suffering as people are drawn to make the soulless the centre of their lives and of course the people themselves suffer for within they cannot be at peace. Evil is working hard to use the advances in technology to draw people into the dark and this can be seen by the bad behaviour of some. It is also seen by the way evil leads people to be more self centred with their pictures of self posted, recordings posted online of terrible behaviour, an increasing stupidity of actions as some try to out do others with their foolish behaviour just so they can get attention and maybe more likes on their sites, intimate moments made public with out the other person knowing or consenting to that happening. The bullying of others.

The world of technology is becoming a place of no privacy, no modesty, no morals and no regard for others. A place that is changing the behaviour of many for the worse. There is also a longing for the next generation of technology so that a person can have better, faster and clearer. Games have become a magnate for people of all generations and the violence in a lot of these make people less sensitive to the value of lives and of others. Again evil works to desensitise us to the suffering of others as we become used to killing and slaughtering in the games we play.

Technology is a wonderful thing when it is used for good and in the right way but when it becomes the centre of life, when it becomes the most important thing in life, when it promotes bad behaviour and what is wrong then technology becomes a weapon evil uses to manipulate people and to change society.

Technology without God at it's centre and without goodness as it's reason for being is a wasted technology of little if no benefit. Technology is, like all the sciences, meant to elevate mankind, to make mankind better and to advance mankind in the true way of life. God has given us the knowledge to grow through and with the correct use of science and technology but as always God gives us the freedom to use what we have and what we develop for good or for bad. In love God gives us the choice and hopes mankind will make the right choice. Making the wrong choice also hinders  development for if we put God at the centre we would have progressed much further but in the way we use technology we have wasted so much time and effort in developing that which is of little consequence or benefit. If only mankind focused it's efforts on what is truly good our sciences and technology would be far ahead of what it is today.

If people would only use their mobile phones and computers when it is necessary or essential then the mind could be more open to God. If people stopped seeking the latest and best money would be saved. If people communicated in person relationships could be stronger and people would not be so isolated. Without the physical and social interaction with others it is easy for people to become depressed and unhappy. If people stopped playing violent and explicit games then not so many minds would be infected with this evil and people may start to value life more. If people kept their private lives to themselves and the private things they know about others out of the public arena then their would be a reduction in the amount of self harm some do when their lives are made public and they are ridiculed by others.

This noise of technology is a barrier between man and God, a barrier made by man and embraced willingly by so many. The emptiness within that some have cannot be filled by this even though that is what some people try to do. The emptiness can only be truly filled by God. The full and active minds that people think they have are often nothing but minds filled with distractions. It is the knowledge of God that should be filling minds as when it does then God brings knowledge to fullness within the person. We seem to believe mankind is highly intelligent but what intelligence is it that denies it's creator and leaves little room for the creator in heart and mind? In our pride we are blind to the fact that we truly know little at all and that even what we do know is being diminished by the way we waste our time on what truly is sometimes nothing more than nonsense.

Let us embrace technology in our embrace of Christ and let us use our technology in the way it was meant to be, for the betterment of all, and not just to fill our time and to entertain us. Let us think wisely in all we do by thinking about God first and giving God the space in our minds and the time in our lives. It is in doing this the all else come into perspective and is given it's proper place in our lives. Let us empty our minds of the world and fill them with God for surely that is what is best for all of mankind.

Alan Ames Ministry

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