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The Standard of Christ
Jun 2 2011

Dear Friends in Christ,

Looking around the world today we can see there is much suffering and pain. So many unhappy people, people who are confused, people who are lost in life and people who are empty within. In all of this we should not despair, in all of this we should not lose hope and in all of this we should not fear. It is easy to be drawn into thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and into apathy believing there is nothing to be done and so accept the state of the world as that is the way things are there is nothing I can do.

The media places before us daily in the news such sadness, suffering and evil that a wearing down effect seems to occur where people become almost numb to what is happening and no longer care about the plight of others. The deceptions of those in power decay people's trust in others. As people start to lose hope, trust and caring about others hearts become closed to God and opened to darkness. This darkness is enveloping the world and few recognize this.

We however as followers of The Lord, Jesus, should not lose heart. We should recognize that God calls us to be lights of His joyful love that bring hope to all. Disciples that bring the glorious truth of Jesus to all, knowing that in doing so, by God's grace, we can change lives and yes, even change the world for the better. We can be the ones who help people to trust in Jesus, Our Lord, by showing people they can trust in us. We are here to lift others up to The Lord in love so that the confusion clears, the emptiness is filled and the lost find their way in Him. For this to happen the followers of The Lord, must themselves be the breath of truth that blows away the deceits of the world. We must show people the good in the world by letting them see the good of God in us. Sadly some Catholics do not do this as they themselves have been led to despair over the state of the world. Some fear the world will end and spend more time focusing on that than on sharing the love of Our Lord, Jesus. Our faith calls us not to despair, not to fear and not to worry about self but to be like Christ. To be lights in the dark, to bring hope where there is none, to bring happiness to the unhappy, to replace fear with trust in God, to lift people out of despair and up to The Lord, to fill empty lives with the love of God.

Let not people look at Catholics and say they are people just like us. Let them say here are fearless, joyful, loving people who I want to be like. Let us set the standard for Christ in the World, the standard that attracts all to Christ so that all can be at peace in Him and find salvation in His Divine love.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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