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Troubled Times
March 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

In these troubled times it is important we keep focused on The Lord, Jesus, and not be drawn into the panic in the world today. Be at peace knowing Christ is with you keeping you safe and that whatever happens in your life is His will. Do not let fear into your hearts but remember ‘Jesus, I trust in you’. Fear will lead people into thoughts of self and block thoughts of God. Fear may open people to sin as they seek to make sure all is well in their lives. Remember God will take care of you. Let us not lose our focus and let us continue to love others, to help others and to share with others. Yes you should of course have enough for you and your family but no more than that.

Thoughts of self lead from God let us not be led away from Him. Because times are difficult and some may be stuck at home I would like to offer all of my books discounted for 2 books for the price of 1 book purchasd so that people may find comfort in them and may give to others these books so as to help them. May God keep you all safe and strong in faith.

God bless,

alan ames


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