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Oct 11 , 2012

With the world in so much turmoil let all of us unite in prayer that the peace of Christ, Our Lord, will fill all hearts, lives and societies. It is only in His peace that humanity can reach it’s full potential and truly find happy and complete lives. Today the world sinks into the confusion, turmoil and uncertainty that comes with the accepting so many wrongs of evil and ignoring or rejecting the truth of God. Today a blanket of darkness covers many and blinds many to the true way of life in Christ, Our Lord. Because of this so many suffer. Lives, families and civilizations are torn apart and the world seems not to be able to find the answer to solve all of this.

We as followers of Jesus are duty bound to make every effort to change the world and lives by letting the world see His love in our lives and experience His grace through our lives. This means we have to follow the way Our Lord, Jesus, lived. This means we should be the bringers of peace to all just as He is. We have to pray for all as He did. We have to try and lead all onto the right path that leads to heaven, the path of Jesus. The same path Jesus has led us onto. We have to be prepared to sacrifice for all just as Christ sacrificed for all. We should have shoulders prepared to carry the crosses of others with lives willingly given in suffering for others.

We have to be the ones who shine brightly in the gentle love of Christ so as to remove the hatred of evil from the world. We have to walk as Christ walked with hearts open to all. We have to proclaim the truth of God to all and never waiver from that divine truth. We have to show the world that the answer to its’ problems is found in Christ, Our Lord. This is what we are called to do. This is what our lives are meant to be. This is who we are created to be. Today Our Lord, Jesus, asks of each one of us who love Him, ‘Can you drink from this cup?’ I pray I can and I pray you can so that together in the chalice of divine love we truly can imitate Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and in doing so bring the world to its’ senses.

I also pray this will be your prayer for yourself and for others.  

May God fill you with every grace and blessing,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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