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Until our time is done

This life we lead on earth can be so painful at times when we look around and see the foolishness of mankind and the evil that people embrace. No wonder some of the saints longed for God to take them from this life for the agony within at the offences committed before God in the world and the separation of mankind from God because of them truly hurts the soul that loves God. Yet these same saints knew they had to remain on this planet until God’s will was completed in their lives so that His merciful love could touch the hearts and souls of others and bring others to reject the wrongs in the world in their embrace of God. These saints, through their holiness and acceptance of God’s will that they remain on earth to be the vessels of His divine love, brought many others to sainthood as well.

Today so many of the followers of The Lord, Jesus, live despairing at the evil in the world and long for the day when they can go home to heaven and leave the turmoil and darkness of sin in the world behind. However, we should learn from the example of the holy ones who accepted their crosses, accepted that they were here by God’s grace to help change the world by His divine grace and accepted to persevere serving God on earth until He decided when they should come home to Him in heaven.

The history of mankind is full of pain and suffering because of the sinful ways so many embrace and live to but it is also full of good and holy people sent by God to change the world for the better. In The Lord, Jesus, many are called to be the saints of today that make the world a better place. That through them His grace ease the pain and suffering in the world. That through them His grace confronts the evil in the world so that by His love through them the grasp of evil on mankind will be weakened. As we struggle through this life on earth let us do as the saints before us did by holding firmly onto The Lord, Jesus. By accepting that God has placed us here in this time so that His will can be done in and through our lives at this precise moment. By accepting the crosses that come with confronting evil by never turning away from the crosses or rejecting them but embracing them in the love of God and others.

Today as governments, societies, other belief systems try to force their will, their immorality and their sinful ways upon the followers of Christ let us remember that in the past the same happened to many of the saints and let us imitate them in standing firm in the truth of Christ and never accept the world and it’s ways before God and His ways. Let us thank God for the opportunity of being here in this time so we can show His love to all and let us ask Him to keep us here on earth until His holy will is completed in our lives.

God love you,
Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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