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Weapons of Evil
June 3, 2020


I have been asked about the events that are happening today and would like to respond.

As I look upon what is occurring I see The Lord Jesus’ words are so true, The prince of darkness rules the world. Some of the weapons of evil that have been used over the centuries to destroy society and to bring the evil one’s servants to power are plain to see today. Anarchy, rioting, looting and violence are weapons of evil and can NEVER be justified for any reason. Even if a wrong has been done this does not justify wrong being done to confront it.

Evil tries to destroy those around the world who try to live as God asks. Now as evil shows it’s hand plainly before mankind many do not recognise this. Some in political parties, media, positions of power and influence support and encourage the evil that is happening and in doing so become tools that evil uses to hurt mankind. Some who say they are Christian support and encourage the evil actions and are blind to the fact that they oppose the teachings of The Lord.

We should be praying for all this chaos to end and encourage only peaceful protests. We should be praying and acting so that all people no matter what color, faith or culture should be treated with respect and as equal. We should also be praying for all to reject evil for the fruit of evil is even greater evil and if this continues and is successful in doing evil’s will then that is what we will end up with.

The Lord is the Prince of Peace let us be peaceful and let us pray others will be peaceful and let us encourage others to be so. As Christians we must always reject evil no matter what excuse is used to justify it. Before God sin can never be justified but it can be forgiven so let us pray all those committing these sinful acts repent and turn to The Lord.

God bless,

alan ames

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