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A Warning
Oct 5 2011

It was in 1994 that God came into my life and lifted me out of the self-imposed prison of sin and worldliness.  From the beginning as I began to meet people in my new life for God until today there has been a constant flow of information and messages about the end times that I hear from others.  At first I was assured by many Catholics that the world was going to end or a warning would be given to mankind in 1998, it did not and was not.  Then it was the year 2000; again nothing happened. Various dates since then have been given the most recent being 2012.  This date is taken from the interpretation of an old Mayan calendar which predicts the year as 2012.  Until now nothing has happened and I am confident 2012 will pass without the world ending.  I certainly am looking beyond that in serving God on Earth if it is His will I do so.

How sad it is that so many Catholics are eager to hear of the end times and cling to the messages of doom that are spread around the world.  As Catholics we should be clinging only to The Lord and hope for a better future in Him.  We should be trusting in and believing in His words that NO ONE except The Father knows the time the world will end.  If some one declares they know the time and date then they are rejecting and denying Christ’s words.  Some today are drawn into what goes against Christ’s word, it seems as if they find some excitement in thoughts of the world ending and disasters happening.  The disasters today are claimed by some as signs the end is near.  Yet there have always been disasters, they are part of the history of mankind since we first sinned and they will continue until the end of time. Some live in fear that the world’s end is near. However, we should have no fear and as Christ said we should stand tall and hold our heads high in His love waiting for His eternal embrace.

To me it seems this excitement people find in the end times or the fear some have of the end times shows that there is a weakness of faith.  If a person lives a sacramental life and lives for Christ by completely embracing the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith then there should be no room for fear or the need for this type of excitement.  Living completely in the faith removes these fears.  Living in and for the sacraments fills one with the excitement of God’s love.

As a people who trust completely in God each one of us is meant to live each day as an example of Jesus, Our Lord. Jesus, who never showed fear.  Jesus, who opened His heart to all so that each one could find security in His love.  Jesus, in whom all the excitement we need can be found. How can we be an example to others if we are afraid?  How can we be an example to others if we focus on the world ending?  How can we show the heart of Christ to others if we believe in a Mayan pagan prophecy and ignore the words of Christ?

Some think that by telling people the world is about to end it will bring others back to God.  People brought back by fear soon leave if they see nothing has happened or some prophecy did not come true.  People brought back in and by love tend to stay.  People who come back in love have a true faith.  Whereas people who come back in fear often do so in self-interest and maybe with thoughts of self-preservation. What sort of faith is that?

As followers of Jesus Christ, The Lord, we should live each day as if this is our last day.  We generally never know when our last breath will be taken.   So instead of worrying about what may or may not happen in the future, we should be concerned about living today in the right way, for today may be the day we face Christ in death.

Remember Jesus Christ, Our Lord, calls each one of us to be a loving, joyful and fearless person.  Let us be that way so in us others can see the peace of heart that Christ offers to all in His love.

I encourage all of you to live each day as if it is your last day, stop worrying about the future and take care of today.  Live each day as a Catholic day and know if you do so eternal life with God is yours.

May God bless you with His love and peace.

Alan Ames 

Alan Ames Ministry

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