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Apr 18, 2010

There are many people around the world who profess to be atheists and denounce religion as nothing more than mere superstition that has caused most if not all of the world’s problems.

On a recent trip to the USA I saw a former governor of one of the states there boldly proclaim that all wars are caused by religion. This is also a statement I have heard from many atheists.

 No one challenged him on this, giving the appearance that what he said was fact. When in fact what he said is of course nonsense. A few examples to prove this;

The wars between France and England were generally over sovereignty.

The American war of independence began over taxes on tea.

The American civil war was over slavery.

The Napoleonic wars were about the control of territory and peoples.

China-Russia war over territory. 

World War 1 caused by the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife by Serbians terrorists of the Black Hand. Also by political alliances and the seeking of power.

World War 2 National Socialist Party in Germany taking control and invading other countries (ie. Poland)

Vietnam War fight against communists

Korean War fight against communists

There are many more which can be mentioned which were not caused by religion. This does not mean religion has not caused wars but it is not the only reason for them and the two world wars were not over religion.

Atheism itself has played a large part in causing wars this fact is frequently ignored or denied by atheists.

Atheists proclaim that in an atheistic world things would be much better than in one that is influenced by religion but if we look it becomes clear this is not so; 

Under the Russian communists life was very hard for most with millions being killed.

China under Mao had the enormous cost in lives and suffering because of his cultural revolution.

Pol Pot and his ideal communist state in Cambodia again millions killed.

Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

Kim of North Korea.

All these atheistic states have things in common; the people had or have little freedom, many were or are tortured and killed, many without food and many imprisoned for not following the party line. The little religion allowed was or is controlled by the state to suit its’ own purposes. These are the fruits of atheism.

I also remember recently hearing Richard Dawkins a well known atheist stating that the only reason people believe in God is because they were taught by their parents when they were young and brainwashed into believing in God. That the children believed because their parents had told them so and just like the story of Santa Claus they believed the story of Jesus. However, he ignored the fact that as children get older they realise the truth of Santa Claus and that the story is make-believe that he comes down the chimney with gifts etc. Yet, many as they grow older with the same wisdom keep their belief in God and realise in their own mind, heart and soul that God is real. They keep their belief because of personal faith and experience not because of what they were told.

Also, Dawkins’ statements totally ignore countries like Russia where the communist atheist state had control for 70 years. The communist state persecuted religion, banned religion, killing, imprisoning and re-educating believers. It did allow the Orthodox Church some limited activity which was controlled by the state but this was not widespread freedom of religion. In school and at home it was forbidden to discuss or teach religion. However, after 70 years of this as Russia emerged from communism many of the people embraced Christianity. The Orthodox Church (and the Catholic Church to a lesser extent) in Russia has grown enormously with many people attending church. Even the President and Prime Minister of Russia attend Orthodox Liturgy.

Recently at a university in Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin encouraged students to try to live the way of St. Francis of Assisi.

At a football match during Easter time (April 5th Moscow Lokomotiv Stadium) one part of the crowd of thousands in the stadium were shouting, ‘Christ is risen’ and the other group of thousands answering, ‘Truly He is risen.’

How then can Dawkins’ statements be valid if people, most of whom have not been taught about God or encouraged to believe in God, freely embrace God?

How is it possible that people who were encouraged to deny God and to accept the communist atheistic way as the sole truth, change to embrace God in such large numbers?

Atheism has brought little good into the world but certainly has contributed to the decline of societies and morals. The Atheists tell others there is no God, enjoy life, to live for the here and now. As if a person cannot enjoy life because they believe in God. What rubbish! Their call to enjoy life is a call to selfishness as it is espoused do what you like as long as it does not hurt anyone. However, if wrong ways are embraced they always hurt someone. Sometimes the person themselves, as in what they do they may degrade their own body or the bodies of others, they lose respect for self or for others, they lose feelings of true love. Atheists often say the person can decide for themselves what is right or wrong or society can decide. How foolish this is because right or wrong does not depend on what a person or a society believes but is a constant that never changes. If people can decide what is right or wrong then these values change with the wind as public and personal opinions change. What is right today can become what is wrong tomorrow or vice versa.

History is full of examples where people or society has decided what is right or wrong and the terrible costs of this.

Atheists talk of tolerance but often are the most intolerant as they ridicule, abuse and attack those who believe in God. I have had atheists demand I prove there is a God well in response I demand atheists prove to me there is not a God.

Some atheists expect religion not to be taught in school or at home but expect their atheistic values to be regardless of what the people may want.

Atheistic governments and leaders sometimes force God loving people to abide by laws which oppose God’s laws or teachings. Clearly seen in some communist states and dictatorships where imprisoning and even killing those who will not accept their atheistic decrees is common place.

While Christians must never deny those who do not believe in God the right not to believe, Christians must never accept the atheistic ways that go against what is Jesus’ way.

Christians must never accept the changes to society that obviously hurt people through the degradation of morals and the degradation of true respect for one another.

Christians must never deny their Lord by denying their faith and must stand up firmly but gently and lovingly proclaiming Jesus as Lord to the whole world regardless of the cost.

God bless,

Alan Ames

On ABC Good Morning America, Anchor George Stephanopoulos Interviews Russian President Dmitry Medvedev following Signing of New START Treaty

STEPHANOPOULOS: You have a big comeback. Let me ask you, the American public doesn't know all that much about you personally. But I was fascinated to be-- in reading your biography to learn many of the details. You were brought up in Soviet Russia, without religion. Yet, at the age of 23, you walk into a church to become baptized. Why?

MEDVEDEV: I did feel that I needed it. I wanted to do it. Why do people go to church? They come because they feel a need, except if they're sightseeing. So at 23 I felt I needed it. I believe it's good for me, because afterwards my life changed. You don't really talk aloud about something like that because the religious feelings should be somewhere deep inside of you. If someone is displaying it, it's not really honest. It's more PR for yourself. But I believe religion is important for every person. Don't you think so?

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