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A Symphony of Evil
July 28, 2014

How sad it is to look around the world today and see so many wars and acts of terrorism. Mankind seems to embrace over and over the shedding of blood and the taking of lives without regard for the wonderful and precious gift God has given in each person. Yes even in the worst sinner who may not live the gift the way God intends but still their life is a gift that is God given and not to be taken by man.

Unfortunately today the world seems so willing to follow the ways of violence which are not the ways of Jesus, Our Lord. People kill one another for political differences, for racial differences, for religious differences, to protect what is theirs, to enforce their will upon others. So many excuses are given for the intentional taking of life...but before God none are valid. Looking at the life of Christ, Our Lord and Saviour it is plain to see how God wants mankind to be. Yet people are so blind to the truth of Christ, even those who profess to follow Him.

At the time He lived on Earth Israel was occupied by the Romans who treated the Jews very badly and even crucified Our Lord. Yet, not once did He call for people to rise up and take the lives of others. He never called people to violence it was the reverse He called people to forgive and to love. With all the power of Heaven in His hands He submitted willingly and without responding in anger to those who abused Him. Instead He called out His forgiveness.

How easily His followers forget this.

He showed in His life no political cause, no religious difference, no racial difference, no oppression was worth taking the life of another. He showed that it was in submitting willingly and lovingly to any cross that God's will is done. He never forced His will upon others and yet many of His so called followers are ready to take the lives of others so that their will reigns supreme.

There is a symphony of evil in the world today so often played by those who profess to love the Prince of Peace. A symphony that the evil one listens to in glee and laughs at how foolish mankind can be in destroying one another.

It is time for a symphony of love and forgiveness to be played in the world. It is time to stop killing one another and to stop slaughtering. What God wants is mercy...let us be merciful. What God wants is love...let us be loving. What God wants is forgiveness...let us be forgiving. What God wants is for people to respect the gift of life...let us do that. If not we do not please God we please the evil one and surely we do not want to do that.

Good triumphs in love. Let us bring love to all we meet so that in turn they may bring love to those they meet and a symphony of love emanates from the world not one of hatred.

May God's peace be in your hearts, minds and souls in every moment of your lives.

God love you,

alan ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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