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The Acceptance of Sin
Sep 6, 2010

Having lived an extremely sinful life myself I have some awareness of how people so easily can accept sin or what is obviously wrong in life. We are bombarded with sin in what we watch, what we read and what we hear from others. In this environment people can become more open to sin and to be led into believing what is wrong is right. It is like a subtle and sometimes not so subtle brainwashing.

Self interest groups promote their own agenda which maybe at first most would disagree with but as time goes on and more publicity and attention is given to these agendas the public opinion can and so often is changed. What in the past would have been rejected by most can so easily become accepted as normal and right by many. The voices that stand up for true values then are seen as the extremists and may be ridiculed, demonised or even prosecuted for their holding on to what is right. Society now decides what is morally correct and what is not regardless of the truth. Those who disagree with society’s moral view can become villains in the eyes of some.

I am amazed as my life unfolds how I see people so easily led, how the majority can be manipulated by the few to suit their own ends. There are similarities in the way people are led usually a good thing that many would support is promoted by an interest group but hidden underneath this is the other agenda.

The major environmental party is an example. Most people agree that the planet, the animals, the trees and the environment around us needs to be respected and taken care of, so in these areas many would have sympathy with the major environmental party. However, who looks beyond this to see the other agenda? Euthanasia, gay marriage, abortion, legalization of drugs, these are just some of the hidden bad. If the environmental party stood up and proclaimed their true and full agenda I am sure many who support them would not. Of course it is not only this party and their leaders who do this but many other political and public groups also. It seems to be the common practice to tell the people the good they want to hear to get support but hide the bad away from them. Then as some of these groups get influence slowly but surely they start using their positions to change public opinion so as to accept what in the beginning would never have been accepted by society.

It saddens me to see how in many countries morals have almost collapsed and sin reigns in a great number of lives. One of the shames of the modern world is how parents now teach their children few if any morals and so a large number of the new generation grow up not knowing what is right or wrong. It is becoming an immoral and an amoral world. The price of this is that so many are lost in life. So many cannot find true love for they do not know what true love is. What hope for the young is there in knowing how to have a full and proper relationship when a person running for the prime ministership of one country is living with her partner in a de facto relationship and not married to him? What sort of example does that set? Yet many in that country have voted for this person. Are we blind to sin or do we just do not care anymore?

As a Catholic I am particularly unhappy with the political and society leaders who profess to be Catholic yet support and promote that which is anti-Catholic. These people do not seem to understand by their words and actions that they may be leading others into sin and away from God. I have heard some declare that they are strong Catholics but that they support abortion, gay marriage, same sex relationship adoption, condoms and drugs of addiction legalization. Do they not understand that in accepting and supporting these wrongs they deny their faith and their God?

Today the world sinks into the confusion and suffering that sin brings. Many lives are hurt, destroyed or devalued. Many do not know the true happiness of life and struggle along not knowing what is wrong with the world and why. Now is the time for all those who love God and truly try to live as He asks to stand up and profess their faith openly and unafraid. Now is the time for the light of Christ, Our Lord, in our hearts to illuminate the dark. Now is the time to say enough is enough.

How do we do this? We do it by being the examples of love and compassion that Jesus, The Lord, calls us to be. We do it by standing firmly in the truth at all times and never accepting sin or the wrongs that society may try to force upon us. We do it by gently reaching out to all explaining the truth of God and of life to them. We do it by being the people who imitate the early church where so many stood for Christ, Our Lord, no matter what the cost. Let us be the ones who stop the advance of evil and it’s immorality in the world by living the moral life we were created to live and letting all know that we do and why.

May God strengthen us all with the grace we need to truly be His Son, Jesus’ followers.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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