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The Year Ahead
Jan 26, 2012

My friends in Christ,

Let us all look ahead to the year before us in the hope that many will be blessed and find the true love of God in His only Son, Jesus. As it is only in His love that true peace in lives and on Earth can be found to it’s fullest. It is only in His love that life can be complete. It is only in His love that the truth, gentleness, compassion that is meant to be part of lives can be discovered in the highest form. It is only in His love that the eternal bliss of divine love can be experienced. One of my prayers each day is that all people, not only those I know or who ask for prayers, will be touched and blessed by God so as to have a new life in Christ. I ask all of you to join me in this prayer (I am sure many of you are praying for this already) as the world today is a world with little love, hope, or compassion. So many people know little happiness and live in despair. So many do not know the love of God and so many do not know love at all. If we unite in prayer then the grace Our Lord, Jesus, pours out through our prayers will change the lives of others. It is important we persevere and know that even when we do not see or understand it God’s grace is working and people are changing. I thank you for all your prayers for me and ask you to pray for those in the world who are more deserving than I am; the poor, the needy, those who do not know God or His Son, Jesus, and those who are lost in the dark.

God love you,


Alan Ames Ministry

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