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13 Dec 2005

The blessed time of Christmas is upon us once more and once more in this time we are called to remember the great act of humility by God where he lowered himself to come into this world as a man child.

In this glorious time The Lord united heaven and earth in His Divine being and His Divine love, bringing reconciliation to mankind in Himself.

At His birth when He was placed in a manger, where the animals eat from, in this act the Lord was showing that He is the food for mankind to eat of so as to find full and eternal life in Him.

Already from the beginning of His life on earth He was showing us how we should live if we want to be imitators of Him as a Christian, humble lives full of the love of God and the love of all mankind.

How our Christian lives need to be ones of reconciliation bringing people together in His love and how we to need to be reconciled with God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation where God Himself waits to forgive us.

How to live in Him we must eat of Him in the Eucharist and in doing so find our souls fed with what they truly need which is the food of heaven and not the things of the world.

The message of Christmas is a message for all and all need to hear it.  Today sadly many of Christ, Our Lord’s, followers do not share this message because so many have little interest in it and instead embrace the ways of the world making this sacred time nothing more than a holiday, where they focus on pleasing themselves in having a good time.  A good time that leaves Christ truly on the outside.  

This holy time has become devoid of holiness for many and has become just another vacation that is seen of equal value as such things as Thanksgiving or Halloween.

This Christmas let us all begin to celebrate this great time focusing on the baby Jesus and on bringing His good news to others.

Let us turn from the frivolity of the worldly ways of gluttony, greed, selfishness and waste and turn to living and celebrating this time in holy ways.

Let us also in imitating Christ turn to those in need; the lonely, the poor, the beggars on the street, the hungry and the suffering and help them as much as we can.  It is in this giving to the needy that a person truly gives in the spirit of Christ, Our Lord.

Let us all enjoy Christmas but enjoy it in the right way, the way that is Christ centered and not self centered.

The way that puts others before self.

The way that cries out joyfully to the world, ‘The Saviour has come’ and let no one stop us doing so.

Merry Christmas,

Alan Ames

I would like to share a beautiful message from the Archangel Gabriel about Christmas.  This is found in the book  ‘Heavenly Words’.


Archangel Gabriel    12/23/97

In the air was an excitement carried by the wind across the land.

In the air was a feeling that soon something miraculous would happen.

In the air was the knowledge of creation that God was coming to earth.

The people, the animals, the plants, the water, the air, the earth itself waited on the birth of the Saviour, and waited for God’s only Son to bring God’s glory to earth.

The whole planet waited to share in the first breath God took on earth – a breath of love that would renew this faltering world and would be the beginning of a new paradise for all.

Alan Ames Ministry

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