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Easter Message
Apr 2007


At this the Holiest time of the year it is good for people to reflect on what The Lord Jesus showed in His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

No matter how much He suffered He loved and forgave.

No matter how much pain He endured He served God and Man.

Nothing could turn The Lord Jesus from the path of sacrificial love as He knew this is the way that mankind would be offered reconciliation with God and that those who would choose to accept this reconciliation would find life eternal in the Lord Jesus’ divine, forgiving and glorious love.

In this Holy act mankind was shown the depth of God’s love for them, a love that knows no end but lives on through and beyond even death. Mankind was also shown that life is not meant to be self centered but God centered. That in life each person is meant to put others before themselves and become sacrificial and loving servants of God and of others, just as the Lord Jesus was in His life, death and resurrection. That in doing so each person would be resurrected in the eternal and divine love of Christ.

Sadly today this is a message that many do not want to hear as many prefer to live lives centered on self and seek to find their pleasure in the world, so often with others serving them instead of them serving others.

Many who profess to love Christ love Him only after self and refuse to live as He showed and asked of those who would follow Him.

Looking at the world today shows what living this way costs…it costs great suffering through the darkness and confusion that covers the world. Darkness and confusion that causes many to starve, to live in need, to live sad and depressed lives, to live lives of addictions, to live lives of slavery to the world. Yet, still so many Christians embrace this way of life as if there is no other way.

How foolish this is, for there is another way, the right way, the way of sacrificial love, the way mankind is meant to live, the way that is Christ’s way. When people start to serve as Christ did, to love as Christ does and to truly follow what Christ said then the new covenant between God and Man will bring the peace, joy, love and happiness to all that Christ has promised. This Holy Week is a time to reflect on that covenant and to live it as a new people in Christ, Our Lord and no longer be slaves of the world but be servants of Our loving God.


Alan Ames Ministry

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