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Christmas Message
Dec 9 , 2008

This Christmas as we think about the coming of the Son of God to Earth and reflect on the Holy family in Bethlehem we should see in the little child Jesus, each little child created by God. Just as we love the baby Jesus, we too should love each child God blesses mankind with. Our hearts should be reaching out in love to the babies treasuring the blessing of their lives. If each one of us considers the magnificence of God’s love in every baby then it will follow that our hearts will ache with love for them and we will desire only the best for each child. It too will become apparent to those, whom it is not already, how precious to God the little ones are and they will become precious to them. No longer will the destruction of babies for any reason be acceptable and no longer can a heart that loves God's little treasures support in any way the most terrible sin of abortion. No longer will thoughts of self and what a person desires for themselves and others, even if they are good intentions, be placed above the value of the lives of the sweet little innocents. No longer will political affiliations be greater than the love of the babies. Each child will be seen as a treasure of heaven sent to Earth, not as an object which can be destroyed by those on Earth. It will also become obvious that in destroying a baby inside or outside of the womb is a rejection of the Holy Child of Bethlehem, whom Herod in his worldly ways tried to kill. This Christmas is a time to once more find in the love of the baby Jesus a true love for all babies seeing in each one of them Jesus as a baby and treasuring each one as you treasure Him.

May God bless you all this Christmas with His peace and His love,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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