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He is Risen

21 Mar 2008

The light went into the darkness of death and illuminated that dark so that captives could be set free. Death was overcome by the light and the light shone brightly and the light was not diminished by the darkness.

The light was and is Jesus Christ, the eternal light of God.  The light which can shine brightly in every life. The Divine Light that is there for all.  The Divine Light who waits in love and hope for people to invite the light within.

This invitation should be a genuine one where the person is prepared to help overcome and remove the darkness within their life.  Where the person is prepared to sweep clean their heart and soul, by the grace of God, so that there will be nothing in their life to block the light.  It is then when the light comes into the life of a person that the dark in their life is illuminated and sometimes for the first time the person sees how the dark has overshadowed them and taken them away from the light of life.  

Now it becomes clear how even the smallest sin brings the shadow of evil into a life, a bad thought, a bad word or a bad action.  Now it becomes clear how these small sins lead a person further and further away from the light and deeper into the dark.  The dark which is infectious, because one person’s sins can lead others to sin, which in turn can lead others to do the same.  This is how the dark has spread around the world to cover mankind with a shroud of sin which tries to hide and deny the light.

This Holy Week is a time to reflect on how each one of us has allowed the dark to enter into our lives. Then in humility see, by God’s grace, where we have gone wrong and ask The Lord to help each one of us to truly accept The Light within, The Light which will burn away our pride and help us to be the humble people we are meant to be.  It is then through this humble love of God that The Divine Light is allowed, by our free will, to shine brightly in our lives, so that when we live, we live in The Light of Christ and let His Divine Light shine through us to touch others and bring them into His Light.

This is the time to let the Light of Christ lift us out of the life that leads to death in sin so that we can truly live and be free in Him, becoming the beacons of His love we are created to be.

He is risen now let us rise in The Divine Light of His love.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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