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In Love

11 Apr 2009

In love evil was defeated, in love death was overcome, in love The Lord rose from the dead.

In His passion, death and resurrection The Lord, Jesus, showed all what life as a follower of His is meant to be and what it can be. His followers are supposed to be examples to all others of this truth He exposed.

The truth that if a person continues to love, regardless of what evil may do to them, in and with Jesus they will be victorious over evil.

The truth that death is not to be feared as in Our Lord, Jesus, death is but the doorway to heaven. Death not a curse but truly a blessing for those who love God.

The truth that if we live a life of love as best we can in the way The Lord asks then each person can rise in Him to live in His eternal glory with The Father and The Holy Spirit.

The Easter message is the message of victorious love and it is the message each of The Lord Jesus’ followers is meant to be sharing with all others unafraid of what the world may do to them.

When fear enters our hearts we should turn to The Lord and find strength in His enduring love, the strength to overcome our fears.

When we confront evil in life we should confront it in gentle love just as The Lord did. While at times it may seem that evil is insurmountable we should look to The Lord and see that it is His love that is insurmountable and with His love in us so are we.

When gentle love appears so weak, know in truth it is more powerful than all evil can throw at us when it is the gentle love that imitates Our Lord’s love. Living in this way of Easter each day we can rise in Our Lord Jesus’ divine glory and become the sacrificial lambs of love we are meant to be, lambs that truly follow Christ in bringing the truth of His love to all.

He is risen so let us arise in Him and change the world by His grace and love seen in our lives.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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