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Christmas Message
Dec 16, 2010

In this most joyful season of the celebration of the birth of The Lord, Jesus, we are presented with the great opportunity of spreading His love joyfully by reminding everyone what this time truly means. Today for some Christmas is no more than a holiday, a break from work to spend with family or friends or a time to party. Others see it as a time to shop and a time to give and receive presents. Some businesses see Christmas as nothing more than the chance to sell more and to make more profits.

However, we as followers and lovers of Christ, Our Lord, have a duty to let all see and hear the true meaning of Christmas. Sadly many of us do not fulfill our duty as so often we get drawn into the worldly and secular ways of the time instead of reveling in the spiritual ways of this glorious celebration of divine love. We shop, we party, we enjoy family, we relax, we socialize and yet so often we only give The Lord little thought, we pay Him scant attention.  Yes, we may send Christmas cards, go to carol services and to the Christmas Mass but for many that is it. The Christ child is put aside as we think we have done our duty, we have paid our respects, we believe we have done enough.

It is interesting that many Christians complain about the commercialization of Christmas. Complain about Christmas being changed by society to be just another holiday. Yet, that is what so many of us make it. Can we expect any different if we do not behave in a different way than others? How can Christians call for Christmas to be respected if in truth many do not do this themselves? If those who love Christ, The Lord, superficially celebrate Christmas, how can we expect others to find the truth of the birth of baby Jesus?

This Christmas and every Christmas let us first and foremost think of the great gift of love that God gave to mankind in His only Son, Jesus. Let us think of how we can bring Jesus to others in joyful love, for this is how Jesus came to earth; in joyful love. Let us reach out to everyone we meet with a loving heart and truly say, “Merry Christmas” and “God bless you”. Not just saying the words but praying them from within the depths of our souls. Let us ask God to give each one of us the opportunities to spread His love to those we come in contact with.

Let us not be afraid to call out joyfully that the Lord has come and that he has come in love to save all mankind. Let us even to those who deny Christmas and Christ, Our Lord, offer God’s blessings to them in our prayerful words. Let us be the ones to lead others to the Holy Child of Bethlehem so that in Him they may find holiness. Let us not be afraid and cower in fear of ridicule or rejection. Instead let us stand tall in love and joyfully proclaim to the world that this is the time to remember the greatest gift that has and ever will be given to mankind, God’s only Son, Jesus.

May each one of you and your families have a blessed Christmas.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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