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Called to Forgive

3 Apr 2010

In this holy time we are reminded of the majesty, wonder and power of The Lord’s merciful and forgiving love. We are reminded how in His divine sacrifice Our Lord, Jesus, cried out to the Father for the forgiveness of mankind and how through His merciful heart that forgiveness was poured out in His blood and water as it washed over the world.

The Lord offered and continues to offer His forgiveness to all people, even the worst of sinners, and this is a great message of Easter and of our Catholic faith. How sad it is that there are many Catholics who cannot or will not forgive. Some have forgotten forgiveness is an essential part of our faith and that we have to be prepared to forgive all people if we are truly to live as Christ, Our Lord, calls us to. If a person cannot or will not forgive then they truly cannot know Christ.

Unforgiveness is a barrier between not only people but between God and man, for some in not forgiving through anger may be drawn into sin through actions of revenge. If a person will not forgive they may hold onto bitterness, resentment and even hatred, all of which are rejections of Our Lord’s teachings. Sometimes people cannot forgive because their pride has been hurt and not forgiving seems to soothe their hurt. Some do not forgive because in holding on to the wrongs others have done takes their focus away from their own wrongs. Surely a sign of pride is the sinner who cannot forgive the sinner. If we do not forgive we deny Christ full entry into our lives as we refuse to listen to His words. In not forgiving we say that while Christ may forgive all, I will not, or that maybe my judgement is better than Christ’s. In not forgiving also we forget that we ask the Father to forgive us as we forgive others so if we do not forgive others how then can we expect forgiveness for ourselves from the Father?

Yes, it is true that many people have been hurt terribly by others, physically, mentally or emotionally. Yes, it is true that many have been taken advantage of unfairly. However, Christ surely knew this when He called us to forgive. He did not say forgive some but not others, He said to forgive all no matter what they have done. Our Lord, Who suffered more than any human can with His last words still called out in love, ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do’. He lived and died the words He spoke and then The Lord rose to show the power and truth of those words. Are we going to remain imprisoned in the tomb of unforgiveness, or are we with loving and forgiving hearts going to rise in Christ to the heights of holiness He calls us to? The choice is ours.

May God bless you all abundantly,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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