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Words of St. Gabriel the Archangel given at Christmas time
Dec 6, 2013

Dear Friends,

Here are the words of St. Gabriel the Archangel that I like very much and which were given to me one Christmas. They are in the book Heavenly Words for those of you who have it.

Merry Christmas,

alan ames


In the air was an excitement carried by the wind across the land.

In the air was a feeling that soon something miraculous would happen.

In the air was the knowledge of creation that God was coming to earth.

The people, the animals, the plants, the water, the air, the earth itself waited on the birth of the Saviour, and waited for God's only Son to bring God's glory to earth.

The whole planet waited to share in the first breath God took on earth - a breath of love that would renew this faltering world and would be the beginning of a new paradise for all.

Alan Ames Ministry

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