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I am Love
Mar 28, 2013

The Lord, Jesus, opened His heart in suffering love on the cross. He cried out in and through the pain His love for mankind. Imploring all to come to Him in love so as to receive His divine forgiveness. He called in tenderness, ‘Come to Me’, asking nothing in return except that mankind does its best to love Him.

The Lord’s words echo throughout time reaching out to every heart and soul. His words filled with pain for the sins of mankind and filled with love for the forgiveness of mankind.

High upon the hill hanging on the cross God’s only Son showed to mankind the depth and truth of God’s love. As His flesh tore on the nails, as His body was racked with pain, as the thorns bit into His holy skin, as the pain of each breath filled Him still He looked upon mankind with love even though it was and is mankind who caused His suffering. He looked and cried tears of love for every soul that would be lost in the darkness as they refused His love and tears of joy for every soul saved by His sacrificial love as they embraced Him in love. On the cross Jesus showed to all those who would look with opened hearts I AM love and I AM here for you and because of you.

Then when He was placed in the darkness of the tomb Jesus took all of our sins with Him so that we could in Him bury our sins and be brought into the light of His love as He rose from the dead. Death could not contain Him, Hell could not restrain Him or overcome Him. Instead He illuminated the dark, He defeated death, He broke the power of Hell and all evil. He said to mankind find victory in me, leave your sins in the darkness where they belong and let my resurrective light bring you to rise to a new life in Me.

This Easter let us rise in Christ, Our Lord, shining in His divine love. Giving thanks to God for the greatest love mankind ever has or ever will see in His Son, Jesus. Let us take to all Our Risen Lord, so that others may find His love through us and rise to eternal glory in His love.

Jesus showed us how to open our hearts in love let us not be afraid to do so. Let us show we truly embrace our suffering and risen Lord, Jesus, by the way we open our hearts in love to all regardless of what it may cause us to suffer.

May you be filled with the holiness of Christ this Easter.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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