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Rise Up

Apr 20, 2014

In this holy time we are reminded by The Lord, that it is life eternal people should focus on and not the temporary life on Earth. While our Earthly life is important, for it is by the way we live this life that we reach the eternal glory of Heaven or not, it should be lived with a focus on the life to come in Christ, Our Lord. What good is this life if we live it in worldly ways, in self and away from God and do not reach heaven? Surely then our lives have been a failure regardless of what we have achieved in the world. Success in life on earth should be measured by whether or not we reach heaven, not by what we achieve on earth. Our lives are meant to be ones pleasing to God even if that means displeasing the world. This is what The Lord, shows to all those who will open their hearts and eyes to see. His focus was on heaven and on pleasing The Father in Heaven. His desire was not to please the world but to help it by gently guiding mankind along the path to heaven even though this would cost His life.

The Lord, gave His all to do this, all of Himself and held nothing back even giving His last breath in love of mankind. The Lord, Jesus, set an example for mankind to follow; the example of true love. We, as His followers, are supposed to be focused on heaven not on the world and self.

We, as His followers, are supposed to be living lives pleasing to God regardless of what that may cost. We, as His followers, are supposed to be prepared to give our all for God and for fellow man in love. In doing this we imitate Our Lord, Jesus, becoming by His grace guiding lights in the dark leading mankind to God in love. If we do not how can we claim to follow Him?

Just as The Lord, Jesus, overcame the powers of darkness by His sacrifice we too can overcome the darkness in our lives by giving ourselves completely to Him and for Him. Many today remain trapped in the tomb, prisoners of the dark, because they hold on to the world and this temporary life in it. Instead of holding on to Christ, Our Lord, and being free in Him. So that in dying to the world and self we can be resurrected in Him and can be rewarded with eternal glory and love in God in heaven.

The Risen Lord, Jesus, calls all to rise in Him, rise above the darkness in the world to be the holy and loving people we were created to be. He reaches out with a heart open to all calling, ‘Rise up’. He wants to raise mankind from the darkness into the eternal light of His love. He wants all people to be with Him forever and calls all to Him in love.

He calls out to those who love Him to be the people of Easter who will guide others to know it is life eternal that is most important and that to reach that is possible in and through the love of Our Lord, Jesus, who tenderly wants to embrace all people in the sweetness of His divine love forever.


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