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The True Gift of Christmas
Dec 3, 2017


The Glory of God was born in the flesh and the Angels sang Glory to God in the highest as the Highest lowered Himself in humility and love to become one with man. In that oneness God's glory was opened to all so that all who would come to Him in love could be glorified in and through Him. The first cry of the infant Jesus was a cry that called out to all throughout time inviting all to find their way to the divine glory of Heaven through the One that all is glorified in.

The first breath taken by the baby Jesus was a breath of love that filled the very air with His divine love and spread that love throughout the world in the wind of the loving and divine Spirit, The Spirit that The Lord, Jesus, would bring to many as a gift of love.

The joy of God was made known in the baby Jesus who is divine joy so that all could experience that joy in looking to The Son of God and in opening their hearts to Him allowing the Spirit of true joy to touch their very souls, souls that are waiting and longing to feel that joy. The joy that heaven is filled with and Earth should be and can be filled with too. The joy that all were meant to know in their lives but so few do. The joy that brings contentment into life as it brings life into the joyful embrace of Jesus.

The peace of God was revealed in the birth of the Prince of Peace who came to bring peace into lives and souls that would accept Him as their loving Lord. A peace that never leaves, a peace that no troubles, no crosses and no burdens can remove from those who truly embrace the Lord. The peace of God offered to mankind so that as in Heaven peace can reign on Earth.

The hope of God for mankind lay in the manger. The hope that mankind would come to its senses and truly seek to live in the way of hope. People hoping each day to come closer to God. Hoping each day that God's will be done in their lives and in the lives of others. Hoping each day to show others the way to true life in The Lord, Jesus. Hoping each day that all would live the holy lives they were created to live. Hoping each day to serve God and to serve others in love. Hoping each day to confront the evil in the world and overcome it in the love of God and of others. Hoping each day that the world will be a better place where all are treated with love and respect. Hoping one day to be saints in Heaven.

The love of God in the flesh came to Earth, God who is love, with arms open wide offering all an embrace of love that can last for eternity. Love that is so powerful, so overwhelming and yet so tender and gentle. Love that fills the entire being with the knowledge that God loves you and He cares for you. Love that lifts the soul in ecstatic grace and eternal bliss. Love that is denied to none, yet, there are those who deny it to themselves. Love that brings our human love to fullness so that it can be an image and reflection of God's divine love. Love in and through which we were created and exist in. Love that can be experienced on Earth and known to the fullest in Heaven where eternal love resides.

The gift of Christmas is the gift of God as man given to mankind in love with the hope that all will find peace and joy in life through Him and that all will come one day to reside in the glorious love of God in Heaven.

May you all have a truly Blessed and Holy Christmas,

Alan Ames

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