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Dec 25 , 2018


As the angels watched over the babe in the manger they watched in adoration of The Lord, Jesus. The angelic hordes bowed down before the little One who was greater than all. They sang, as a glorious heavenly choir, gentle hymns of love to the Holy child in the stable. Their voices surrounding the Son of God with a tender refrain. The angels wrapped their wings around Him to caress the baby Jesus. In gentle love they joined with Mary as she rocked her child in her arms holding Him so carefully and so lovingly.

Mankind was called to be with the angels in their worship of the sweet and blessed child, Jesus, and so the shepherds and the wise men came to adore the Lord. United with Joseph, the holy man of God, Mary the mother of God, and the angels of heaven, they adored the Lord. They marvelled at the love of God, Jesus, before them in human flesh. Today all people are invited to the stable, invited to come and adore the divine child, the Son of God. All are invited to raise their voices in praise of God's gift to mankind of Himself. All are invited to reach out and embrace baby Jesus in love and to experience Him embracing them in love. As they do so, knowing and believing that they are part of the holy family of God with Joseph and Mary and that the angels are there with them experiencing the divine mystery of God and man in the baby Jesus.

May you have a blessed and holy Christmas,

alan ames

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