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2018 - Easter Message
March 31, 2018


An excerpt taken from the book "Heavenly Words" & is from The Lord, Jesus

Alone I hung on the cross with My mother below Me sharing in My suffering and My pain.

Throughout this ordeal and even when the whip beat deeply into My soul, even when the thorns tore into My skin, into My being. Even when the cross sank into My shoulders and into My heart. Even when the nails drove through My hands and feet, through My spirit. Even as I hung there abused tasting the bitterness mankind had to offer. Even as the spear opened My body as a final act of taking My dignity. Even through all this I loved mankind and offered mankind forgiveness. I still love mankind and offer forgiveness to mankind for the giving on the cross was and is forever, the love on the cross was and is forever. I gave and I continue to give. Has mankind the courage to now accept My gift? Has mankind the understanding to see what I offer? Has mankind the strength to accept and in return to be with Me in eternity?

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