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The Challenge
April 30, 2018


The Lord, Jesus, came and challenged the world with His love. He stood firm in His love and spoke the truth about life and death, good and evil, heaven and hell. He explained to all who would listen what God expected and hoped for in each person's life. The Lord, Jesus, challenged the understandings and beliefs of the times and did not waiver in His proclaiming of the kingdom of God.

The result of Him doing so was that many came to believe in and live to the truth The Saviour proclaimed. Many souls were and would be saved from the eternal suffering of hell. Many would come to reside eternally in their true home of heaven with the One, True God.

The result also was that many would oppose Him, deny Him and seek to destroy Him. Yet still The Lord stood firm challenging all to embrace His love and His truth. Regardless of what the world threatened Him with, and no matter what suffering He had to endure, The Lord did not weaken in His love for mankind and His desire to save mankind from evil. Through His suffering and death He challenged evil with divine love and overcame evil with divine love.

Now we, His followers, are meant to challenge the world and the evil within it in the same way as Christ, Our Lord. We are called to stand firm in His love, showing His love and truth to all. We are called to challenge what many believe in today and accept as the right way to live so that through us they can come to know what is the truth and what are the deceptions of evil. We are called to challenge the madness in the world today and bring the sanity of Christ into lives.

For us, as there was for Our Lord, there will be many challenges before us, as people will at times respond to us as they responded to Jesus, The Son of God. There will be those who oppose us, try to stop us and try to destroy us. There will be those who will persecute us and do all they can to harm us. However, if we persevere in proclaiming the divine truth of Jesus, then, by our lives, our actions, our suffering and our sacrifices, many souls will find salvation in and through Christ, Our Lord. For our faith, as it stands firm against every challenge, will be the doorway through which divine grace touches lives and changes lives and the world for the better.

Let us ask The Lord for the grace to stand firm in our passion of love for Him so that we never deny Him and so that through us others can come to love Him passionately also.

God love you,

Alan Ames

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