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The Greatness of God's Love
June 9, 2018


The Love of God lifts the soul to higher levels of grace when a soul is open to that grace. It is with an open soul that Godís divine love can fill the soul to inebriate the soul with His love. The love that is all powerful, overwhelmingly tender, sweet, gentle, merciful, passionate and there for all. The love that all were meant to live in and for and all were meant to experience to the fullest in Christ, Our Lord, through His sacrificial love. The love that when it lifts the soul also lifts the mind and body to holiness and in that holiness to experience the joy of true love. A joy that is immeasurable and impossible to explain as it is beyond words and our human understanding. A joy that is part of the eternal joy that exists in heaven by the grace of Godís love. As a person experiences that divine and heavenly joy the desire and passion to love God completely with the entire being grows for the being wants always to exist in and to be part of that divine love and joy.

Once touched by Godís love in this way the soul, the being can never be satisfied in anything else. The things of the world, while essential for our human existence at times, become less important as God is first in mind, in body and in soul as He is meant to be. It is living for and in Godís love that becomes important, more important than all else. It is also when a person strives to live this way that fullness of life can be found because now God fills the life.

Each day people are created to seek Godís love and to live in and for it. It is when we do this that we can by Godís grace be open to Him and His divine presence in our lives. Each day is meant to be a day of love with the person crying out to God their love for Him and begging Him to touch them and fill them with His divine love. This is what happens in lives that experience Godís love as they want more and more of His love each day no matter what the cost. A person comes to understand that Godís love is endless and that no matter how close they think they are to God or how much they have felt His love they know there is more awaiting and they want more of His love. The person also feels so small in the presence of Godís love and comes to understand how unworthy they are of Godís love. Yet, they see that even though they are unworthy, even though they are a sinner, even though they are so small, God still loves them and His love is there for them. The greatness of His love overwhelms a person when they realise this. The depth of His love amazes the soul. The mercy of His love astounds.

Through Godís grace the fog of pride is lifted and the person just wants to humble themselves before God and His mighty love. It becomes clear that in humility a person can see as God wants them to see; lovingly. Now as the person, in recognition of Godís majesty, wants to shrink before God to become almost nothing, God helps the person understand that to Him they are special and He treasures them and their love. That knowledge in itself overwhelms the true lover of God; that to Him they are special. That knowledge in itself makes the person want to love God as much as they can and they beg for the grace to be able to do so. A begging that never ends for they come to understand they can never in this life love God enough. Now each day becomes a journey of love trying to come closer and closer to God and to be open more and more to Him.

Yet, the closer the person comes to God they see how far away from God they really are and that pains the soul as it wants to be completely one in God. The person now wants to remove all barriers in life that separate them from God and keep them from that oneness with God. A hatred for sin develops as it is seen for what it is; that which stops a person loving God as they should. Sin is avoided at every turn and yet a person still in their humanity may sin. How painful that becomes, even the smallest of sins hurts enormously as it is seen as a great barrier between the person and God. It is seen as a rejection of Godís love and the pain of seeing that wounds the soul. How disappointed a person becomes with themselves that they would deny God in this way. However, God with His merciful love calls out offering forgiveness and offers to cleanse, refresh and strengthen the soul by His divine grace in the Sacrament of reconciliation. A Sacrament of merciful love where God opens His heart in love offering forgiveness to even the worst of sinners if they will come and open their hearts to Him in love asking for forgiveness and repenting of their sins. In this Sacrament God shows over and over how deep is His love for mankind as He forgives those who have offended Him. He shows His love and His mercy is denied to none and hopes all will believe in this.

When the soul has been forgiven and cleansed by God the person seeking God in love every day feels so relieved that God would bless them in this way and give thanks for that blessing. Now they have the grace to continue on that journey of love if they hold onto that grace. So the journey continues and so do the stumbles but always as the person truly seeks that oneness with and in God, when they do stumble Our Loving God raises them up and helps them along the path of love that leads to heaven. The path that always leads to the Holy Mass and The Lord, Jesus, within it, as in the Holy Mass heaven is present in Our God. It is here the strength for the journey can be found for here a person finds the strength of Jesus, The Lord, when they receive Him in love. It is here oneness with God is found as by His divine love The Lord, Jesus, permits people to become one in Him, one in God. It is here the soul finds fullness and finds itself elevated heavenward in the divine presence of God. It is here that the eternal love and joy of God can be experienced. It is here that the person can know what awaits in heaven as the eternal reward for living for God. It is here the greatness of Godís love is found.

God love you,

Alan Ames


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