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December 25, 2020

Invited at Christmas

This Christmas is a time to reflect on the great gift of love God bestowed on mankind in His Son, Jesus. With the birth of The Lord, mankind was invited through Him to be truly the family of God. When the Holy Babe came to earth His cries were cries of love for mankind. Cries that called out to mankind I AM here for you come and embrace Me in love. Come and join with me as family and find your way home to The Father in and through Me. As Mary and Joseph watched over the baby Jesus with hearts bursting with love the angels gathered around them to join their love with Mary and Joseph’s so that together their hearts could sing out joyfully,’The Lord, has come’.

While the child lay in the manger sleeping peacefully His Peace poured out to touch those around. His glory filled the air as heaven united with earth in Him revelling in His glory. Each heart beat He had was a heartbeat of love sending out eternal love in abundance into the world so all could come and grow in His love. The passion of His love overpowered all evil and swept all hatred aside as He gently opened His heart to mankind in His coming to earth as man and as divine love. The infinite love became finite so that in this moment of time His love could be exposed to all and offered to all throughout time. The little babe of Bethlehem in His waking with a gentle smile on His face and grace in every breath, invited all to be awakened in Him so that they could smile with joy as His grace filled their hearts and souls.

As Mother Mary picked up her child and held Him close to her in love The Holy Child snuggled into her to feel the warmth of her love and to enjoy that love. As she held her child in her arms her soul was a calling out to all people let me pick you up and surround you with the warmth of my motherly love so that I can then bring you to my Holy Son where together we can enjoy being with the Son of God, being family.

A blessed and holy Christmas to you all,

Alan Ames

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