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9 Feb 2006

My Father created My mother Mary in His pure love giving her the choice to remain pure or not.  In her love of God she decided to accept My Father’s will and My Holy Spirit’s Grace so that I could come into the world for the salvation of mankind.  This however does not mean My Father’s love was greater for Mary, My mother, than His other children on earth.  Father loves all His children the same and it is because of this same love He offers all salvation in Me, who came to earth through Mary.

My mother’s love of God is the reason such greatness and mercy was bestowed upon her.  My mother, Mary, completely and without reservation gave herself to God, accepting, even though it may cost her life, My Father’s will.  Her total giving of self to God was her free choice of love, a choice that lifts her to the highest realm of heaven, where she sits in glory as queen. It is because of her denial of sin in every moment of her life, from beginning to end she remained immaculate as My Father created her to be.  My Father’s love for Mary, My mother, is the same love He has for all but the love Mary has for God was and is greater than all others.  It is because of this, her total embracing of God’s love, that she is lifted on high.

Here is a mystery that mankind cannot understand.  The mystery of Mary, created pure and remaining pure so that I could come to earth to bring the same love of God she enjoyed to all mankind. Doing so by God’s grace and by her never denying that grace. Mary, My mother, chosen by God and favoured by God to be the one through whom God’s equal love in Me, could be brought to all.

Mary, My mother, never claiming more of God’s love for herself as in her humility she knows God’s love is there for all to share in and that there is more than enough love for all in God.

Alan Ames Ministry

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