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A look at the results of mankind's history shows and confirms the disasters and evils that come from living away from God.

If you look back at the history of mankind you can clearly see that whenever evil is strong wars, murder, rape and so many bad things happen. Whenever did a true man of God start a war, whenever did a true child of God commit evil? Sometimes, however, wars and evil are given the semblance of respect, of being God's will but it is mankind that does this, not God. Throughout history many good people have fought for God, have killed in God's name, this truly is a misunderstanding of God's will for did not God say in His commandments 'Thou shalt not kill'? This again is a sign that mankind does not understand what God asks of him. This again shows that mankind in times of struggle does not put his complete faith in God.

The times when mankind needs to trust in God seem to be the times he turns away. Trust in God would bring peace to the world, would end wars, would defeat evil, trust in God would answer all.

Look today at the countries that were under the yoke of communism. They were not freed by force of arms, Russia became free by the many prayers sent to God for its freedom. It took many years but it happened, imagine how much more would happen if the world united in prayer. Russia in its freedom is now confused and lost; it needs guidance along the path to true happiness. This can be achieved if those who love God continue to pray for its return to God's family. Evil now tries to take Russia away, it tries to stop its return to the fold, it tries every means possible to keep this great land and great people from God's love. Prayer is needed around the world to defeat this evil, only half the battle was won with the defeat of communism, the battle continues now, and so prayer for Russia must continue. Prayer is the strongest weapon against evil that mankind has at his disposal. Why is it that weapons of mass destruction are grasped at eagerly but the true weapon of love in prayer is often ignored? If evil is to be defeated it must be defeated with goodness not evil for what victory is that? If goodness turns to evil for help then it is evil that wins no matter how it may appear at the time. It becomes another victory for evil, another taking man away from God. How cunning is evil to get those who come in goodness to use evil as their weapon to defeat evil, what a hollow victory!

Peace and tranquillity only come from goodness. When evil is embraced, chaos and confusion reign. The world today is in chaos, is confused, so many wars, so much crime, so much evil. Surely this says to mankind something is wrong, surely this says your ways have failed, your successes are outweighed by your failures and what successes you do have are often turned into instruments of the dark. How many advances have been made in technology only to be used for weapons of destruction! The advances mankind should seek are the ones that bring the family of mankind together, the advances that lift poverty, hunger, violence and crime. The advances that mankind should make are advances in love, in life, in liberty. The advances that mankind should make are advances that bring him closer to God, closer to eternal joy, closer to heaven.

To advance should mean to love.
To advance should mean to care.
To advance should mean to be gentle.
Any other advance is really a step backwards,
Any other advance is a deception,
Any other advance is a path that leads from God.

(To be continued)

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