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Oct 13, 2015

Holiness can be achieved by all people who truly seek it. However, this means letting go of the world and holding firmly on to heaven every day and in everything. This for many seems too hard as the comforts of the world and the things they have or the positions they hold seem to fill their lives and hold primary importance to them. Some believe that it is these things of the world that will bring them fullness of life and happiness. How foolish that is for the things of the world are temporary and all a person has can be taken from them in one moment by the world and are of no benefit in death and after death. It is when people seek to live holy lives that are focused not on self or the world but focused on God and heaven that all is put into true perspective and the value of things of the world becomes so much less. It is in the seeking to be holy that peace enters the heart and joy resides within the soul for the holy way opens a person to the eternal presence of God in every moment and the love, joy, peace and security that is within His presence. When people are created they are created by God to be holy and to live lives that will bring them to heaven in the divine love and presence of Jesus, Christ, the Son of God. Some prefer however to ignore or deny this truth and accept the deceptions of evil that say there is no God and no heaven that mankind is nothing more than an evolved animal with no eternal home. Some choose to believe the deception that it does not matter how you live still heaven will be yours that there is no consequences for your actions all are destined for heaven. Some refuse to believe in hell for how could a loving God send people to hell? It is these people who reject what God has created them to be and refuse to answer His call to holiness. In their foolishness they cannot see how living for the world and self, how not believing in the truth of God’s creative love and in His image in mankind, how not living as God created mankind to has brought suffering and pain into the world. Has brought evil to rule in many hearts and lives so that instead of being holy the people by their actions and belief’s become unholy. Yet, when so many look to the lives of holy people living in the world at times among them such as Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa they find comfort and hope in these people. They see the goodness and are touched by it. The soul within knows and recognizes the sanctity of the person and is touched by it. The goodness they see is seeking a home within them, it is reaching out from the holy ones to bless the hearts and souls of others with God’s grace. That is why they find comfort and hope, that is why they feel happy and peaceful looking upon the lives of the holy. These are the feelings that come with God’s grace and these are the feelings that can stay with people if they so desire. All people can let God into their lives if they choose to or they can deny God in their lives if they choose to. So many make the wrong choice and because they deny God their lives are confused, uncertain, lonely, loveless, sorrowful, fearful, painful and have turmoil within them. If only people would choose God and the holy way He calls people to it would be so different. Lives would be happy, peaceful, secure, loving, caring and certain of the future that awaits them in God’s heavenly kingdom. There would be no fear for people would know God is with them and they would know all is well in their lives. Mankind has a history of turning from God and the results of that are plain to see everywhere with the world that is not a paradise but for many is a form of hell. It is time to turn back to God. To seek to live the holy way of Jesus, Christ, Our Lord. It is time for mankind to live as it was created to live; for God, in God and with God. When mankind does this the world will become holy, it will become the paradise it was meant to be for it will be the home of the holy. The veil will be removed as heaven will be exposed to all and the Lord, Jesus, will reign supreme.

Alan Ames Ministry

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