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Number 1.
December 1997
Perth, Western Australia

Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to the inaugural Newsletter of the 'Touch Of Heaven'.

From time to time we propose to keep you informed of the progress
of Alan Ames Ministry, as Alan travels the world telling people of his
own conversion and preaching the message of God's love.

He began his ministry at the beginning of 1995; since then a number
of his books have been published in English and German.

On 7th July 1997 Archbishop Hickey in a letter to Alan's spiritual director
wrote: "Alan may continue to speak about his conversion and to conduct
his healing ministry, both of which appear to be of great benefit to people.

He will convey to his listeners that no Church approval has been given for
the authenticity of his cures or his messages, as they have not been
submitted formally to Church authorities for investigation.

We would both (the Archbishop and Alan - Ed) be grateful if you could
continue as Alan's spiritual director."

The editor hopes that the following pages will prove edifying and
spiritually beneficial to the reader.

The Editor
C.Alan Ames

Alan's smiling face
from the video
"Why God?"

We are on the INTERNET !!!

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An extract from the Jerusalem Post, October 29 1997
"People believe they can't change the world, that what they do will have no effect,
but that is not true," said Alan Ames, an author and healer from Perth, Australia,...
"If people think that way and do nothing, nothing will change. But if each individual
decides to stand up to be counted for peace and love, things will change."

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Some messages received by Alan during October 1997 in other countries :

God the Father.
Two Messages from the Father

In the Philippines
Poverty abounds and so does greed.
Poverty ignored is greed appeased.
Poverty for some means plenty for others,
A large sin upon the world
is the poverty that is forced
upon so many so that the greedy
can appease their insatiable appetites.
A sin that will bring many to
account on their final day.
Reference: Psalm 146:4
When they breathe their last
they return to the earth.
In Israel
Israel, land of hope, land of the prophets, land of God.
Israel, land of confusion, land of hate, land of sadness.
Israel, land that felt the touch of Jesus' feet,
Jesus' love and Jesus' blood.
A land where the victory was won and yet still
the battle rages because men do not accept the truth.
When the truth is embraced in this land,
the hope of the future will be found and Jesus
will be proclaimed as Lord.
Reference: Psalm 40:4
They shall look on in awe and
they shall trust in the Lord.

Sacred Heart of Jesus<> Through the Sacred Heart - A message from Jesus

In Russia
When an evil is removed from a country, unless it is replaced by goodness, another evil
will take its place. In Russia one evil was defeated but goodness was not embraced, and
so evil returned. The prayers for Russia today are the same as when it was under the
yoke of communism. Russia needs prayers for its conversion and prayers that the heart
of the people will embrace goodness. Today Russia calls out for prayers. Answer that
call and help peace reign in this great land. Reference: Luke 1:21 - Meanwhile the people were waiting.

A Saint pic The Saints speak - A message from St Joachim

In Israel
A daughter of Israel responded with a 'Yes' to her Lord, a 'Yes' that would change
the world forever.
A daughter of Israel responded with a complete acceptance of God's Will in her life.
A daughter of Israel responded with a pure love that would shine throughout eternity.
Mary, a perfect example of how to love God and how to be submissive to God's Will.
Mary, a perfect example of humanity,
Reference: Sirach 39:18 - He has but to command and His Will is done.

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We are on the Internet !!!
Whether this is a good thing we are not sure
but we are there nevertheless.
Our Web Page address is :
Email : toheaven@iinet.net.au

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Through the Immaculate Heart
- A Message from Our Mother
In Russia
Every land on earth deserves salvation,
for every land is created by and
loved by God.
Every person on earth is equal in
God's eyes and is deserving of His
love if he seeks it.
Every nation on earth needs to
hear the message of salvation and
deserves the opportunity to be saved.
This is the truth of Jesus, the
truth the world needs to hear.
Reference: Psalm 18:50 -
Thus I will proclaim you Lord
among the nations.

The Holy Family

From Our Lady for Christmas
March 1995

A child was born in Bethlehem,
a child of Love.

A child was born in Bethlehem,
a child who is Love.

A child was born in Bethlehem,
a child who is God.

A Saint Pic

The Saints speak - A message from St Ignatius

In Japan
The soldiers of Jesus came to this land to spread the faith. They shed their blood
to fertilize the soil with the graces of God, and with the love of God as their
strength they gave their all. The example they set to Japan and the world was one
of an undying love, even though their bodies would die their love would not. The
example they set the world was that Jesus was King of All Nations, and that All
Nations could be in His Kingdom of love. The soldiers of Jesus who died for
God's glory call out to the faithful today to become the new army of God, an
army of undying love, undying service, and undying sacrifices for the glory of
God. Listen to the call and answer it to become Saints in Heaven.
Reference: Sirach 47:8 - To lead the people into their inheritence.

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We invite comments and suggestions from readers as to what we should include in this little
Newsletter. Certainly any reports of healings received from the Lord through Alan's Ministry
would be most welcome. This section could also include comments regarding Alan's books/
Feedback already received from :

Ireland : Fr D.J. O'Connell
"He exudes joy and serenity. In responding to the many spontaneous questions put to him he
exhibits that Spirit-inspired eloquence and wisdom that no one can resist or contradict. ...
I pray that his ministry will grow from strength to strength and that many more will be drawn
to accept the Lord's love through his healing ministry."

USA : Fr R.T. McSorley, Theologian
"I was very favorably impressed both by his manner and his message. Everything seemed in
perfect accord with the Church and its practises. ... his devotion to the Blessed Mother and his
understanding of his relationship to Christ and to the Church was a very good treatise of the
best Mariology."

USA : Msgr Peter F. Dunne
"Alan Ames has been exemplary in his time with us, and has touched many lives. It has been
a graced occasion for all of us. ...may Alan continue to touch the lives of many in his humility,
sincerity and simplicity."

Australia : Bishop H. Kennedy (retired)
"In his writings I could not detect anything against faith or morals as taught by the Catholic
Church... He is strictly orthodox, leads a devout life and already by his life and writings and
addresses has influenced many to change their lifestyle - some even being converted to the
Catholic Church."

USA : Dr Rosalie A. Turton
"His conversion experience three years ago, taking him from a virtual non-believer to being on
fire for God, is very moving. ...
His mission is many-fold but primarily it seems to center on the Eucharist, the Rosary and

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