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Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you for your interest in 'Alan Ames Ministry,' we hope you will continue to pray for it's success in doing God's will.

Recently Alan visited Kenya at the invitation of Archbishop Kirima. Many people came to his talks and by the grace of God, healings, conversions and strengthening of faith occurred. Here is a comment from the Archbishop:

'You (Alan) came to us and leaving us you remained with us spiritually. You brought us many gifts of God. They are perfecting our people. We are doing a follow up to ensure the Lord will reap a rich harvest.'

In 1999 Alan will return to Kenya and will have 'Through the Eyes of Jesus,' Volume 1 printed in Swahili. This year Alan will talk in the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, the Phillipines and Australia. 'Through the Eyes of Jesus,' has been printed in German,Portuguese and Russian and will soon be in Spanish, Swahili and Korean.
'Messages to Carver Alan Ames' is to be published in German, Portugese and Spanish. 'The Way of Hope'is to be published in Portugese and Spanish. A new book in English 'Heaven Speaks' has been printed and contains messages from more than eighty saints and three archangels.

Alan thanks God for all the wonderful gifts he has been given and reminds people that God deserves glory, thanks and praise for His generous love. It is important that God is the focus of our lives and not the vessels that He uses. Sometimes people believe that those gifted by God are holier than others or loved more by God. This Alan says is not the case at all as God loves us all equally and any holiness in Alan's life is only there by the grace of God. Alan would like to express his appreciation to all those who help organise his speaking engagements and hopes they understand that it is also by their efforts many are touched by God's forgiving love.

Here are some messages from the book 'Heaven Speaks'.

The Editor

C.Alan Ames

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from the video
"Why God?"

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The Saints Speak

St.Alphonsus Liguori

Immaculate Mary, a title given by God.
Immaculate Mary, a title that tells the truth.
Immaculate Mary, a title that shows God's mercy.
It would only be through a vessel
that was pure and without sin,
that the Son of God would come to earth,
for the Son of God is pure and without sin,
so how would He be born through a vessel
with the slightest sin in its being?
In His mercy God created the mother of His Son,
sinless and pure so that the truth would come
to the world through God's creation of love.

Reference:Baruch 4:29 So he will rescue you and give you eternal joy. .


The heart, The soul, The man.
It is what is in your soul that is
shown in your heart and then
you see the man.

Reference:Psalms 69:6 My faults are not hidden.

ST.Anthony Mary Claret

Never lose sight of the Sacraments and you will never lose sight of God.


To walk the road with Jesus was the
greatest blessing in my life. It can
be the same for all mankind if they
too choose to walk with Jesus.

Reference: John 12:35 Walk while you have the light so that
darkness may not overcome you.


While the Lord lay in the tomb, I lay
wondering what would happen in the
While the Lord lay there in peace, I
was in turmoil about what lay ahead.
While the Lord lay there soon to show
the world the truth, I lay there trying
to come to terms with the truth.
In those moments my weakness and
fears arose but soon they would be
defeated when the Lord rose and showed
the world the truth of God.

Reference: John 14:18 I will not leave you orphan
I will come back to you.

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A Saint pic
The Saints Speak

St.Catherine of Sienna

To be obedient to the will of God is not stubbornness or
fanaticism, it is true love.

Reference: Psalms 119:129 Wonderful are your decrees therefore I observe them.

St.Thomas the Apostle

When I doubted and did not trust or believe in the Lord my heart was heavy.
When my Lord Jesus appeared to me I was sorry for doubting and embarrassed
for what I had said. I saw then how weak I was, how easily I could deny the
truth and how much I needed Jesus to guide me through this life.

Most people are this way and all they need to understand is that if they bow
down before the Lord and ask for His mercy and His help He is there for them.
Jesus showed, when He forgave me my doubts, the depth of His love.

Here I was, a man who had walked with Jesus, I had seen God's miracles and
heard God's word and yet I still denied Him; I, who should have known better.

My weaknesses were the same that all men have and Jesus in His mercy showed
how He will help overcome them. All that is needed is to accept Jesus as Lord
and to open your heart to His love.

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We invite comments and suggestions from readers as to what we should include in this little
Newsletter. Certainly any reports of healings received from the Lord through Alan's Ministry
would be most welcome. We also include comments regarding Alan's books/publications.
Some testimonies follow:

Fr.G Montague, Professor of Theology, USA
"Aan's preaching was completely orthodox; he strongly urged use of the Sacraments and urged devotion to the Eucharis, Mary and the Holy Spirit."

Fr.T O'Reilly, Ireland
"There were many healings spiritual, physical and psychological."

Fr.G Lauriola, Theologian, USA
"Alan is for us a gift and a special one sent from God. Theologically sound and healthy."

Fr.T Matnjwa, Kenya
"It was a memorable occasion because of your annointed preaching which touched many people. Many people were converted and are leading a peaceful life in christ."

K.L., Nebraska
"His book that he has printed, based on the life of Jesus, through Jesus' eyes, is so moving, tender, powerful. I feel very close to the heart of Jesus when I read it. It's warm, touching and gives you a much greater understanding of our Lord, the Apostles and that period of history. I'd recommend it!"

J.A., Pittsburgh
"I have read all of his books, some of the most beautiful messages from the Father, Our Lady, etc."

Desiree, USA
"His books speak of experiences the Lord had while still on earth with His disciples. They have many lessons teaching us how to live and love."

Fr.J Steger, USA
"I heard confessions until 11:30 that night, which is an indication of God's spiritual healing to so many people."

Fr.W O'Neill, USA
"Obviously filled with the Spirit of God, his presentation was very inspiring and it had a good impact on many people."

P.B., Ireland
"Sometimes when I read that book ('Messages to Carver Alan Ames') I get a strong perfume-like smell."

M.H., Iowa
"After Alan prayed over me, I do not wear a brace now, I took it off that day and haven't needed it since. It's so wonderful to be pain-free."

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