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Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you once more for your interest in what is happening by the grace
of God in Alan Ames’ Ministry. Your continued prayers are appreciated as
each one brings more grace to enable this Ministry to carry on.

The last year has been a busy one for Alan with visits to England, Kenya,
South Africa, the Philippines and the USA. With recent publications in
Italian and French, Alan’s books are now available in seven different

A new book “Our Father Speaks” has been published in English containing
messages given to Alan from God the Father between 1995 and 1999. In 1999 many wonderful gifts were given by God through Alan. As he prayed for healing over people, on October 27th in St Casimir’s Church in New York, his hands and his crucifix, which he holds on peoples foreheads as he prays, began to weep fragrant oil; this has continued to occur with the crucifix for more than six months now. The oil was tested at the University of New South Wales, Australia, which found that it was olive oil with an essential fragrant oil which could not be characterized. The oil phenomenon has been witnessed now by thousands of people.

Alan would like to remind people that any graces God bestows do not glorify him; instead they only glorify our loving God.

Here are some messages from the book ‘Our Father Speaks’.

The Editor

C.Alan Ames

Alan's smiling face
from the video
"Why God?"

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God the Father
Our Father Speaks

28 August 1997

Reunion of hearts begins when you return to Jesus.

Reference:Psalm 103:10 - He has not dealt with us as our sins merit.

24 September 1998

With love in your heart, face each day and say,
“Lord I give this to You...every moment
and everything I do.”
Then each day becomes another way to pray.

Reference:Acts 13:52 - Filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.

6 May 1998

Love is like a flower, it grows in the light but will die in the darkness.

Reference:John 12:36 - Believe in the light.

5 April 1996

As My Son Jesus suffered, so did I.
As My Son Jesus gave, so did I.
As My Son Jesus offers, so do I.
Jesus, One with Me, unified with My
Spirit, and together united as the
One True God.

8 June 1995

Love is so complete when you give yourself to it.
Love is so special when you receive it.
Love is so individual when you receive it in an unique way.
Love is Jesus, Jesus Who is completely in love with mankind
in a special and individual way.

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28 June 1996

As you walk with Me , be humble.
As you talk for Me, be humble.
As you give for Me, be humble.
Humility, a gift of love you can offer Me,
for in humility you show you truly love Me.

30 August 1996

The Commandments should be kept by all.
The Commandments given to Moses and given by Jesus.
The Commandments are the way to live.

(Jonah 3:3 - In obedience to the word of Yahweh.)

4 September 1997

When My Son offers you His love,
all He asks in return is your love.
When My Son offers you His heart,
all He asks in return is your heart.
When My Son offers you His life,
all He asks in return is your life.
What He offers is a love-filled life
in His heart, and all you need to do
is return to Him.

Reference: Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

16 January 1999

Love was showered on the world from the Cross,
and the world only needs to stand under this
shower of love to be saved.
Each drop of blood was a drop of love, waiting to fill
hearts and souls.
Each drop of blood was a river of forgiveness,
waiting to flood the lives of mankind with divine
Each drop of blood was a call to all people from My
Son Jesus, to say, “I love you.”

Reference: Phillipians 2:17 - Poured out as a libation.

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We invite comments and suggestions from readers as to what we should include in this little
Newsletter. Certainly any reports of healings received from the Lord through Alan's Ministry
would be most welcome. We also include comments regarding Alan's books/publications.
Some testimonies follow:

Fr.K.Crock CSSR, Australia
After the Mass and his talk, 4 priests for about 11/2 .hours each heard confession. That speaks volumes and they were not just people of 2 or 3 weeks from their last confession; many had not been to confession for a long time.

Fr.Hannan, Australia
What a special night it was. May I say he (Alan) is a gift from God.

Fr.De Juglio, USA
In every way he conducted himself most respectfully. His presentation to the congregation was inspirational.

Fr.T.Hannigan, New Zealand
His (Alan’s) talk was instrumental in helping a number to be reconciled with the Church after many years.

Fr.Menker OMP, USA
Alan Ames gave an inspiring talk mostly about the goodness of the Eucharistic Jesus in his life.

Fr.B.O’Leary S.J., USA
He is an orthodox missionary of Jesus, true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Phil CSSR, USA
Alan shows us Judas ‘Through the Eyes of Jesus’ and it is moving how loving Jesus is to him. Somehow Judas seems more tangible to me.

Fr. Nadim, South Africa
He is truly filled with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. I believe firmly that Alan has a powerful healing ministry, having witnessed the healing of several individuals.

Bill, Indianna, USA
The book (Through the Eyes of Jesus) has opened my eyes to many things and I cannot read but a few paragraphs and I am in tears.

Nancy, Sydney, Australia
This morning I finished reading Vol 1 Through the Eyes of Jesus. I wanted to read more. My heart cried.

Patrick, Minnesota, USA
Seeing Jesus’ life through His eyes and getting to know His disciples as real people has helped me grow closer to Jesus.

Dr.Rosalie Turton, President, 101 Foundation, USA
Alan’s new book, Our Father Speaks, and perhaps his greatest, has changed my life!

Guy and Marie, USA
Marie has suffered from chronic sore throat all her life. It has disappeared; what a miracle! I (Guy) claim the healing of my right foot and lower back. Praise God both of us have been healed.

Mary Ann, USA
Alan, as you know, my friends’ mother who was very sick was healed. The friend of mine who had bone cancer was miraculouly healed. The lady who has breast cancer is also healed and fully recovered, I thank God for pouring out His mercy and grace to His children that night through you.

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