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Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you for your continuing prayer support for Alan Ames’ Ministry. It is by this support that God grants many graces for the conversion of souls. We ask that you please keep us in your prayers as they are essential for the work we do.

May God Bless you and your families and bring you all to a closer relationship with Him.

Last year Alan, by the Grace of God, took his Ministry to England, Italy, Germany, South Africa and the U.S.A. He was also pleased to participate in the 101 Foundation’s Peace Flight Pilgrimage. His books are now being widely distributed in all five continents. A new book, “Stories of Love”, containing short stories given by God, Our Lady and the Saints, has just been published in English.

Also, a powerful new one hour video, “Come Back to God”, has been produced. It contains many testimonies about God’s gifts and in which Alan speaks on the Eucharist and Confession.

Alan thanks all those who have written to him about healings and conversions; for him it is strengthening to read the confirmation of God’s gifts and graces to the world.

If anyone would like Alan to speak in churches or conferences in their city please fax, telephone or email Alan (contact details are shown on the last page of this Newsletter).

The Editor

C.Alan Ames

Alan's smiling face
from the video
"Why God?"

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God the Father
Our Father Speaks

12 July 1998

Any messages I give to the world will be those that strengthen and support the truths of the Catholic faith, otherwise they are not My messages.
(Jeremiah 16:19-- Mere frauds.)

26 May 1995

When you see others in distress, help them.
When you see others in need, give to them.
When you see others in pain, comfort them.
By doing this you reflect the love of God
and by doing this you show how true Christians
should live.

16 May 1997

A word of love...Jesus.

17 July 1996

My Son leads you toheaven.
My Son leads you to eternal life.
My Son leads you to Me.
My Son Jesus leads you to heaven
to enjoy eternal life with Me.
(Ecclesiasticus 29:14 -- Place thy treasure in the commandments
of the Most High, and it shall bring thee
more profit than gold.)

15 June 1995

The way to find God is Jesus, for Jesus is God.
The way to find Happiness is Jesus, for Jesus is happiness.
The way to find eternal life is Jesus, for Jesus is eternal life.
The only way is Jesus and all ways are Jesus.

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5 April 1996(Good Friday)

Every moment of this day...a moment of sadness, a moment of pain.
Every second of this day... a second of anguish, a second of abuse.
Every moment My Son Jesus lived on this day, was a moment of sadness to Him and a moment of great pain of body and soul.
Each second that passed was filled with anguish as My Son Jesus was abused and killed.
My Son Jesus, pure and sweet, full with pain and suffering.
My Son Jesus, awakening the world to God and answering the need of the world, the need of forgiveness.

Lord Jesus
From the Lord Jesus

16 January 1995

A mother’s love is a special love.
It is a bond of complete giving,
complete loving, complete caring,
complete devotion; complete and forever.
This is My Mother’s love for her children,
this is My Mother’s love for mankind,
this is My Mother’s love for all.
(Messages to C.Alan Ames)

28 February 1995

Hanging on the cross I showed My love;
Hanging on the cross I showed My mercy;
Hanging on the cross I showed My forgiveness.
Now look upon it, see it for what it truly is,
God loving man and God forgiving man.
(Messages to C.Alan Ames)

Our Lady
From Our Lady

14 April 1995

Trust in the Lord for He trusts in you. Accept your faults and weaknesses as the Lord accepts them and together with Jesus overcome them.
(Messages to C.Alan Ames)

19 February 1995

A mother’s love is here for all,
A mother’s help is here for all, and
A mother is here for all if only they want her.
(Messages to C.Alan Ames)

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We invite comments and suggestions from readers as to what we should include in this little
Newsletter. Certainly any reports of healings received from the Lord through Alan's Ministry
would be most welcome. We also include comments regarding Alan's books/publications.
Some testimonies follow:

Rev.Fr.G.Montague, Prof. of Theology, USA
I have heard Alan Ames speak and minister to God’s people, and I have found nothing contrary to the Catholic Faith,. On the contrary, his ministry has been a truly powerful proclamation of the Gospel.

Rev.Fr.Robert de Grandis, USA
Alan’s talk was excellent and really moved the people.

Rev.Fr.N.Bozza, USA
His talk was very good. His doctrine was sound and perfectly in line with our tradition.

Rev.Fr.Guzman, Philippines
(Through the Eyes of Jesus)
I personally found the style and the contents simple yet very helpful for more spiritual appreciation of the life of Jesus.

Rev.Fr.T.Fungnan, USA
There were reports of a number of healings.

Fr.B.O’Leary S.J., USA
He is an orthodox missionary of Jesus, true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Irene, USA
I experienced healing of my bones on my right ankle. When I had my bone density test the doctor was astonished that my bones were like a 16 year old person even though I am 64 years old.

Sheila, USA
My friend and step mother, who had pain in her hips and knees for years now, not only felt well enough to kneel at the service, she did not want to leave! She is almost done with the three volumes of “Through the Eyes of Jesus” and it has moved her tremendously, so much so she is sharing it with her family; they are not Catholic and neither is she!

Dr.David, USA
Each time I listen and attend Alan’s healing service I grow deeper in my love of God and our Mother Mary.

Colleen, Australia
I no longer had rib pain. I felt so overwhelmed and full of joy.

Geralyn, USA
After a bad car accident six years ago I could no longer bend. I had severe back and joint pain. During your talk I felt a sensation engulf my body. I felt as if my body was being lifted off the pew. The back pain immediately left my body. Outside I bent and touched the ground and jogged around the car. My sons and husband cheered as we thanked our Lord.

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