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Dear Friends in Christ,

The year 2001 was certainly an eventful one with many graces from God being poured out in response to the evil that occurred. It is hoped that all people will embrace these graces and be opened to a deeper understanding of what God expects of us in our lives; to forgive and not to seek revenge.

It was a sad, but also a happy, year for Alan as his Spiritual Director, Fr Gerard Dickinson, went home to the Lord. Alan is sad that Fr Dickinson is no longer on Earth but happy that he will be enjoying the Divine Bliss of our Lord’s Eternal Love. A new Spiritual Director, Fr Richard Rustauskas, has been appointed by Archbishop Hickey.

Alan spoke in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S.A. during 2001 There were several T.V interviews which helped bring those who would not normally attend Church come to his talks and some of these reported conversions. Thanks to all those who have written about healings and conversions.

A new book called "Salaam-Shalom" (Peace) was finished and approved two hours before the terrible events of September 11th. The book given by our Lord is a spiritual thriller set in the Middle East and contains many of the answers to the problems there. An Ebook version is currently available through our Web Site with a printed book in production.

May God bless you all and bring peace and healing to your families. Please continue to pray for Alan Ames’ Ministry; those prayers are essential and are treasured by Alan.

If anyone would like Alan to speak in churches or conferences in their city please fax, telephone or email Alan (contact details are shown on the last page of this Newsletter).

The Editor

C.Alan Ames

Alan's smiling face
from the video
"Why God?"

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God the Father
From Our Father and Some Saints

Our Father.

The heart of men can be strong in Me or strong in self.
The first leads to joy, the second leads to nowhere, except sorrow.

(Proverbs 7:1 -- My Son, keep My words and treasure My principles and you will live.)

Our Father.

All are called to a vocation in their lives.
For some, it is within the Church, for others it is within the family or within society, but for all there is a place and a way to serve Me in life on earth.

(Deuteronomy 5:33 -- The way prescribed for you by the Lord your God.)

Our Father

Prayer is a gift that is often under-estimated, but never over-estimated.

(Collossians 4:2 -- Persevere in prayer.)

St. Therese (Little Flower)

I offer you a rose of love.
I offer you a rose of hope.
I offer you a rose of grace.
The Lord Jesus in His grace allows His saints to lead you on the road of hope that leads to God’s love.

St. John.

When I wrote God’s Word, I prayed and prayed. Do the same.
When I spoke God’s Word, I prayed and prayed. Do the same.
When I asked for God’s help to spread His Word, I prayed and God answered. Do the same.

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Our Father

For physical ailments, see a physician.
For spiritial ailments, a priest... for each is a gift from Me to you.

(Matthew 4:23 -- Curing every disease and illness among the people.)
(Ecclesiasticus 3:13 -- His labor is a gift from God.)
(2 Maccabees 15:8 -- Mindful of the help they had received from heaven.)

Lord Jesus
From the Lord Jesus and
also Some Saints

Lord Jesus.

Under a bush was a bird hiding and frightened. Its fear was of the men all around, whom it thought wanted to injure it. Then a hand of love was offered to the bird. It could feel the peace and comfort that flowed from the hand. It was My Hand coming to save it from its fears. As it placed itself into the Hand of God, it was lifted from its hiding place and set free to fly in beauty.
It is the same with mankind. Many keep their true selves hidden, frightened of those around them. It is when they accept the hand of love that I (Jesus) offer them, that they can become free and show the true beauty that is their spirit.

St.John Vianney.

Sometimes priests struggle with their weaknesses, but then all men do.
Sometimes priests succumb to their weakness, as all men do.
Sometimes priests need help, just as all men do sometimes in their life.
See in a priest a man who struggles to achieve holiness, who, like all men, will fall at times, maybe in a little way or in a big way, who like all that succumb to their weaknesses, should be offered help, not condemnatiom.

(Titus 1:13 -- So that they may be sound in faith.)

St. Paul.

It is in the Spirit that you will find the strength you need to live your faith.
It is in Jesus that you will find the love you need to grow in your faith.
It is in the Father that you will find the truth you need to know your faith.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is the truth, the love, and the strength that is your faith, the faith given by God.

(Acts 4:12 -- Nor is there any other.)

St. Benedict.

Never fear evil; stand firm in God’s love and evil cannot harm you.
Never doubt God, and evil cannot take you.
Never let God’s love from your heart, and evil cannot enter.
Evil, not to be feared, for why fear what is defeated?

(Psalms 97:10 -- The Lord loves those who hate evil, protects the lives of the faithful.)

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We invite comments and suggestions from readers as to what we should include in this little
Newsletter. Certainly any reports of healings received from the Lord through Alan's Ministry
would be most welcome. We also include comments regarding Alan's books/publications.
Some testimonies follow:

Rev. Fr. Vandenakker, Canada
You could sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit on his talk and prayer ministry.

Rev. Fr. McNally, Canada
Alan’s talk was excellent and really moved the people.

Rev. Fr. Curiel, USA.
I am enjoying the Trilogy book very much. It has certainly enriched my spiritual life.

Archbishop Hannan, USA
Alan’s testimony is very convincing because of his complete sincerity and lack of affectation.

Rev. Fr. B.McCarthy, USA.
He is an orthodox missionary of Jesus, true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Rev. Fr. Simoni, South Africa.
His talk was very encouraging and his healing ability highly appreciated.

Rev. Fr. Gorman, USA.
He was orthodox and reverent.

Gertrude, Germany. To the amazement of my doctor my cysts and polyps had gone. He said, “Behold, signs and wonders still do happen.”

Teresa, USA.
I was released of all back pain. I can now walk up stairs and lay on my back.

Pat, Australia. I have been asthma free for 3 years and 3 months.

Mary, USA. We feel very blessed from listening to Alan’s testimony. It truly touched each of us and many Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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