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June 2005

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It has been some time since my last letter and for this I apologize.

But I have been busy writing and traveling for The Lord.

Two new books have been published, the first is 'Manna from heaven' which is all messages on the Eucharist from heaven. This book has many beautiful and deep messages, which can lead a person into the mysteries of Our Lord Jesus. presence in the Eucharist. These messages are some of those that have brought me into a closer relationship with God through the Eucharist and I hope they will do the same for others. The cover has a photograph of an altar at the site of Our Blessed mother's Dormition in the Holy Land.

The other book is called 'A Better Way'. This book is given by Our Lord Jesus and opens up the web of evil that permeates societies and governments worldwide. It is a book that will truly open the eyes to what is wrong in the world and what needs to be done to overcome it. Those who read this book may be surprised at the extent that evil has taken hold of the world.

How evil is trying to change the world's perception of what is right and what is wrong.

How even many of those who believe in The Lord Jesus have had their belief clouded with some of the deceptions of evil.

How evil manipulates governments, organizations and even churches at times to spread its confusion, uncertainty and suffering.

Sadly, the shadow of terrorism continues to fall over the world and sadly the approach of many to overcoming terrorism remains the same and remains ineffective. In this book God shows some of the causes of terrorism and once more gives an insight on what to do to overcome this evil. However, no one should be surprised at the answer to overcoming this evil and all evil is found in the Lord Jesus Himself and in the better way He calls all to live to.

God has and continues to call mankind to live to His Son Jesus. way, so that evil can be overcome in the lives of all and so that the world can find peace in Him. Let us all pray that the time is near when all will listen to our ever loving Lord's call and answer it.

In the past year some of the books have been printed in two new languages which are Dutch and Slovenian, so by God's grace many more are given the opportunity to share in the beautiful words He has given.

The book 'Salaam Shalom' has been distributed in the 'Middle East' and Christians, Jews and Muslims alike have found it helpful. One comment from a resident there was 'This book truly shows the heart of the people here'.

At the beginning of the year I visited Brazil, where by God's grace, I was able to give seven one-hour talks live on television into 25 million homes. As I prayed over the television many people phoned in to report healings!

I am always grateful to the Lord for the healings that occur and remind all that every healing comes from God and not from me. There will be some new healings posted on the webpage but these are just a few of the many that have been reported worldwide in the last months.

I put them there so that all can see how loving Our Lord is and how He wants to heal all in the way that is best for them. I also ask that every one joins in prayer with me for the healing of others for truly your prayers are as important as mine and are listened to by God just as mine are.

Please also continue to pray for the ministry so that the message of God's love can touch many more hearts and bring them to a full life in Him.

May God continue to bless you all abundantly.

God love you,

Alan Ames


pictures from Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem follow




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