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Several people have been accredited with making this quote but it does not matter who said it, what matters is the truth in the statement;
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
It would be wise for mankind to learn from these words as the history of mankind is repeating over and over its mistakes and following the wrong path. Because of this the world continues to suffer. There is war after war, people suffering in poverty, starvation, abuse of self and one another, greed, selfishness and above all a turning away from God and a denial of God. Mankind does not learn that unless it changes its ways the pain and confusion in the world will continue. Creation groans at the stupidity of mankind for because of our foolishness we cause creation to suffer for our sins. The wrongs we do have an effect on all that exists even though we may not believe or understand this truth. When we turn against God we turn against ourselves for we are a creation of God’s love created in His image. As we destroy that image through sin and putting self and the world before God we hurt ourselves. That is why so many suffer feeling unloved, unwanted, uncared for. So many turn to abusing their bodies because they do not respect the temple God has given in our bodies and so they destroy that temple as they fill it with drugs, immorality and pride and disfigure it with following the fashion of the world that encourages using the body to express what some see as artistic. Many become confused of who they truly are with some men wanting to be women and some women wanting to be men because their understanding of self has been disorientated.
When we turn against God we turn against others and this is seen in the way we treat each other. At times seeing others as objects to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Seeing others as not being as deserving as ourselves or people of the same race or nationality. The lives of foreigners often are held in less value than our own. War is an extreme expression of our turning from others for instead of loving others as God asks we kill them. When we turn against God we also turn against what He has created and this is apparent in the way we treat the plants, the animals, the sea, the planet with almost contempt at times. We seem to believe we can do whatever we want to creation and freely use it to our advantage regardless of the cost to creation. We seem to forget the gift God has given in creation should be cared for nurtured and respected. Sometimes all that matters is how much profit can be made from creation. Mankind has been blinded by evil into believing it can do what it wants and that it is the master of its own destiny. This is far from the truth for The Lord, Jesus, is the master of mankind’s destiny. It will not be people who decide where they go in eternity but God. Mankind cannot do what it wants it has to be responsible and not be like spoilt children who spoil what God has given them.
The world is a mess because we have made it a mess. The paradise we were given has been turned into a living hell for some. Foolishly we continue along the same path never really looking at where we are going wrong because our pride blinds us to the truth. Mankind, while making great advances scientifically has often not used these advances to walk the right path. So often these advances imprison people within them instead of freeing them so that the person can grow to be what they were created to be. Over and over a false morality is forced by governments and interest groups on the people and this leads people further away from God and deeper into the suffering of broken families, broken, hearts, broken lives and a broken society. Looking back mankind would see these immoralities have existed before they are nothing new and that they contributed to the destruction of society, they never brought true peace and happiness. But we do not learn from the past and we continue to do that which has failed in the past and will fail again. God in the beginning said to mankind live my way and be happy and fulfilled. From when Adam and Eve first sinned mankind has being saying no to God and from that first sin mankind fell into the darkness and continues to fall deeper and deeper into it because we do not learn that sin brings suffering and a separation from God. We continue falling because we refuse to hold onto The Lord, Jesus, who has come to save us, to lead us out of the darkness and back into the light of His love. The Lord, Jesus is there waiting to stop mankind falling but He gives mankind the choice to hold on to Him or not. Most of mankind however refuses to take His divine hand and just as in the past prefer to hold onto the world instead of God. This is the greatest mistake we make and continue to make. We repeat over and over our denial of God and are so blind we cannot see what it costs mankind. It is time for sanity to return and for mankind in general to turn back to God. To ask and accept the help God offers and to live lives of love as He asks. If we do this then the world can become the paradise of love it was created to be. The world can return to be the beautiful blessing it was before Adam and Eve first sinned and we followed them in sin. Let us stop doing the same mistakes our ancestors did and let us turn to the Lord, Jesus, and find our new beginning in Him.

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