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Salzburg, Villa Trapp, and "Kaiserwinkel" area at the Austrian-German border



2022 Photo's







2019 Photo's

2019 Photos of St. Thomas in Austria, which is situated on a hill with a long steep stairway.
The first chapel, dates back to the 13th century, the present church was built around 1400.




2019 Chicago, IL USA




2018 Belguim, Germany and Switzerland

Talk in Galtür, Austria (Tyrol) 9th September 2018
Situated 1600 m above sea level, this town has a very old parish church with a statue of our Lady which was made in 1308. Galtür is a renowned pilgrimage shrine.
Several priests, people from all over the area and many religious attended this talk in the alpine area of Austria.
The next day we made our way to Switzerland and took the pass road that leads from Galtür high up, with cows walking free on and besides the road.

Alan Ames has been sharing his healing ministry in Europe for 4 nights, with 6 remaining.
Here are photos from Sandl in Austria near the Czech Republic, at the border. Church in Sandl, Alan sitting left.


Vienna St Blood Parish
In this parish, many people of Polish origin were attending the talk, as well as lots of Austrians.
Two Polish priests and several Austrian priests were there for confessions.

Alan’s talk in Szombathely (Hungary). That was on 2nd September 2018.
The man with beard next to Alan, when he signed some books, is Fr István who organized the talks in Hungary.

These 3 photos were given to us by Radio Maria Austria Sept. 2018 when Alan gave Interviews in their studio in Vienna.
Yesterday’s interview was quite good and will soon be in their podcast list - www.radiomaria.at

(c) Radio Maria Austria

(c) Radio Maria Austria

(c) Radio Maria Austria


Chicago, IL - U.S.A.
June 2017 & 2018



July 2018
“The Record” is the weekly online publication and bi-monthly print magazine of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, established in 1874. This month “The Record” did an excellent article on Alan Ames & his world-wide healing ministry. Here’s an excerpt from the article: “If we truly understood what we’re denying ourselves when we deny God. Understanding that all we’re doing is embracing the suffering in the world, which makes things get worse, they don’t get better. Then we would never deny God and His help because we would know He would make things better. “I hope anyone who has turned away from God will turn back and find that help and the true peace and love that awaits in Heaven.”

May 2018
Alan Ames will conclude his 10 day trip in Europe tomorrow, sharing his healing ministry in Switzerland, below are the details. Here are photos from his talk in Kassel, Germany.

March 2018
Shalom World TV recently did an excellent 6 part interview of Alan Ames reading from & explaining some of the stories of Through the Eyes of Jesus, a compelling book given to Alan by Jesus in 1999.

12th September 2017

Alan Ames visited the beautiful basilica of Our Lady's Assumption situated on the island in the Rhein river. The river marks the natural border between Germany and Switzerland, with Rheinau and the island belonging to Switzerland.

The small town Rheinau has a long history dating back to the first settlements during the Bronze Age. The island in the river in downtown Rheinau has been a place of worship for far more than 1000 years with very early small chapels built that later were taken over by the Benedictines who built a monastery on the island around the year 844. In 1114 they put up a bigger Roman church. The beautiful baroque basilica was built on the remains of the Roman church between 1710 and 1744.

The basilica of Rheinau holds the relics and the former cell of an Irish saint - Fintan - who died in 881 after a saintly life, living but on the Eucharist for his last 16 years, but also praying day and night, multiplying food for the poor, having visions and locutions and much more.

When Alan gave a talk after Holy Mass, the basilica was almost full. People from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even from France had come (the Austrian and French borders are 120 and 200 km away).

Alan's talk centred on God's love for each one of us and His invitation to spiritual love. He spoke about forgiveness, about the need to be open for God's love and for a change in our lives to the better when we choose God and His ways. Alan spoke about the flame of love that the Holy Spirit will let grow within us and about experiencing Holy Mass in a new way by the help and grace of the Holy Spirit. He invited us to bring others to God in prayer but also to lead them to God. At the end, Alan mentioned the powerful graces of God poured out through the eucharistic rosary.

During the healing prayers, five priests were there hearing confessions. All of them ministered the sacrament of reconciliation for at least two hours, two priests heard confessions for four hours. A wonderful praise and worship band had come to help all of us to open up for the Lord's graces during the healing prayers.

At the end of the evening, we saw lots of happy faces, so many people came to thank us. Some said they hardly go to church but that they felt the presence of Jesus so strong that evening. Others said they went to confession for the first time after many years. People from other Christian denominations had come as well and gave a positive feedback. Two persons who had come to Rheinau had been physically healed by God through Alan's prayers in previous years.

A beautiful rainbow over the island and the basilica as well as the sun highlighting the priest as he began to say Mass were another memorable bonus that impressed those who attended the healing service in Rheinau on 12th September 2017. God had once more opened His heart and helped us to open ours for Him - He be praised for all the graces we received.

Photos 1 – 3 are from a shrine in Lower Austria where Alan spoke named Maria Schutz (Mary’s Protection), including having met the sweet old doggie. The 4th photo was taken on the road at a filling station; & the last photo was taken in the church of Radstadt, Austria, where Alan gave a talk Sept. 7th 2-17 in the church, which is from the 13th century.

Photos from Alan’s trip to Europe May 2017

May 2016
Alan's Visits to the Renowned Kaiserdom St. Bartholomaeus in the City of Frankfurt.

March 2016
Beautiful Photos of a Rainbow & Young Volunteers For Alan's Service in Austin, TX at San Jose Catholic Church

2015 Belguim, Germany and Switzerland

2015 Alan in Belguim - Brussels

Alan and Antique Crucifix

2015 praying in Germany - Dipperz near Fulda

2015 Alan's talk in Switzerland - Beinwil near Luzern


November 2015
Glory & Praise to Our Eucharistic Lord, Healing Lives in His Divine Love. Thanks to ALL the Volunteers in in Louisiana, for Making Christ's Message of Forgiveness & Compassion Through Alan Ames, a Beautiful Reality. (Veterans Day at St. Ann's in Morganza, LA)

November 2015
San Antonio, TX


October 2015
Divine Mercy Catholic Church , Louisiana

Photograph taken while Alan spoke at a church in Melbourne Australia March 2012
There was not a church light on the Crucifix









Holy Land:

Holy Sepulchre Tomb of Jerusalem

Placing my hand in the hand print of Jesus in Holy Land

Lord was born:

Ramallah, West Bank:


Poland 2015:


Photos of Crucifix showing Jesus's Face and Blood

During a visit to Mexico the Crucifix which Alan uses in his healing sessions commenced to bleed from the crown of thorns around Jesus' head. A closeup of the same Crucifix is shown below.

The Holy Face of Jesus
This first photograph shows an impression of a face formed on the rear upright of the crucifix in the
oil which oozes from the cross when Alan prays. The oil phenomenon increased after a talk in Yonkers, New York,
and after a visit to see some weeping statues.

Madagascar 2007:



Photo taken at St. Polycarp's in Delaware March 10, 21013
The photo below shows a bright light in Alan's hand during a healing service.


Texas, USA:

Fort Worth 2015

San Antonio:

Bishop Yanta and Bishop Flanagen hearing confessions in San Antonio Lourdes Grotto

Supernatural Lights
On 13th November 2011 Alan Ames was giving a talk and praying over people at The Lourdes Grotto San Antonio, Texas.
As he did these supernatural lights were caught on camera. Notice the cross in the red lights.
These are not tricks of light or camera as on one Alan has there is a shadow from an image. Each photo also had
maybe 2 or3 photo's taken in between which had no image yet taken from same spot. Even though taken from same position lights move across the grotto

Photos of the Doves of Trinity Sunday in San Antonio 2001

Houston, TX:

Louisiana, USA :

New York:

California, USA:







Butterfly in line for a prayer?

Fr Laurentin, a Mariologist, with Alan and his wife, Kathy


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