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From Saul to Paul

a film by Michael Mayr


Alan Ames was born 1953 in England and now lives in Australia with his family. His life was a life of poverty, violence and alcohol until he had an encounter with God in 1993 which transformed his life completely. God blessed Alan in many ways and granted him the gift of healing. Filmmaker Michael Mayr accompanied Alan on one of his trips through Europe. In London, Alan Ames showed him where he spent his youth in a motorcycle gang. Full and frank Alan speaks about his past life. The film team also visited several people who experienced wonderful healings through Alan’s ministry. Excerpts from the media all over the world gives an impression of how powerfully God is at work today. From Australia to Africa, Europe, South America and the USA, Alan Ames tirelessly travels the world up to 4 months per year to spread the good news about God’s love and to pray for healing. The books Alan wrote inspired by God have touched many lives and impressed theologians, especially the trilogy “Through the Eyes of Jesus” that was dictated by Jesus and describes His life 2000 years ago. This film portrays the exceptional life of a man who experienced the love of God and has dedicated all his life to sharing this love with the world.










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