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Gentle Spirit is given by the Holy Spirit and contains within it a look behind the veil to see what is really happening in the spiritual realm. The battle between good and evil in the unseen world is exposed and the effect of this on human lives. There are also daily messages from the Holy Spirit and interviews given by Alan.


This is an extract from the book 'Gentle Spirit'

Submission of Will

Just as The Lord Jesus, submitted completely to the will of The Father all who follow Him are meant to submit to the will of God in imitation of Him. It is in the total abandonment of self into God and into His holy will that a person opens themselves by their free will to becoming vessels of His love. In this submission to God’s holy will a person removes all barriers between them and God by God’s grace and permits God to possess them completely and to use them completely for His glory and for the salvation of mankind. It is also in this complete submission of will that a person overcomes the great sin of pride which first caused Adam and Eve to sin as they put their desire and their will before the will of God. In this humble giving of a person’s will to God evil is rejected and overcome as God’s grace fills the person with the holiness of His love. Now in every moment God’s will reigns supreme and so there is no room for evil to enter into the life of the person.

It is in this replacing of one’s own will with the will of God that a person reflects the life of Mary, the mother of God. Mary completely gave herself to God and accepted His will over her own regardless of what it may cost her, even if it cost her life. Mary knew in her heart and soul that no price was too high for living to God’s will as she knew that it is for God, in God and with God we are created to exist. So to deny His will in life would be to deny the eternal truth of existence. Mary knew that in the total giving of self to God that she pleased God and because she truly loved Him this was a consequence of that love. Mary held nothing back from God and gave back to Him what he had first given to her; herself. The world could do nothing to stop Mary for she desired only for God’s will to be done and she knew His will was far greater than anything of the world. She also knew that no matter what happened to her if it was God’s will it would bring only love, grace and goodness into the world. In the total giving of her life to God and the total submission of her will to God, Mary showed all humans it is possible to live completely for God. Mary, the greatest human created by God, created to be the vessel through which God would come to earth but still created with free will which she freely returned to God.

Anyone who will submit themselves to God’s will as Mary did will find holiness as Mary did. While it will not be the same level of holiness that Mary achieved still it will be a holiness that lifts the person to eternal love in heaven. This lifting can occur in life as well as after death as in the total submission to God’s holy will a person resides as the citizens of heaven reside and so a touch of heaven is in the heart and soul and the kingdom of heaven has a home in the life of the person. Just as in Mary’s case this then becomes obvious in the way the person lives, avoiding and rejecting evil at all times and exuding true love and holiness where ever they go.

A person’s will becomes a holy will when they freely and in love give their will to God and ask Him to replace their will with His holy will. It is in doing this that a person can become a saint of today on earth and can join the Holy Ones in heaven as an eternal saint.


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