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The Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother explain
the basis of our Catholic faith in a simple and
direct way. Included are explanations of evolution,
of sin and of the way to live in God's love.
Besides these, there are many daily messages
received by Alan.

The Way.... To Jesus

Carver Alan Ames, a converted sinner, experienced a profound conversion about two years ago. Through visions and inner locutions Alan has been receiving instructions and messages from an Angel, the Saints, the Apostles, Our Lady, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and these messages continue to this day. The Holy Trinity urged the publication of the instructions and messages that Alan has received. Some of these are included in a trilogy of books in one volume titled "Messages to Carver Alan Ames", book 1: "The Way"; book 2: "The Obvious Way" and book 3: "The Way of Life". Alan hopes that this trilogy will help show the Way to God to those who are lost or still searching.

Note: The front cover of this book reproduces a Russian 13th century icon "Virgin of Tenderness".

From The Way
Our Lady 27th August 1994


Everyone, no matter who they are, longs for true happiness. Even with all the wealth and fame, all the intelligence, all the friends and with all the status, man still longs for more. Man is not happy no matter what earthly things he has.
He always looks for more: for more money, fame, answers, friends, status... There is never enough, so man is never truly happy. More, more, more is the way that man thinks he will find happiness. In fact the reverse is true.

Less, less, less is the way.
Think less of yourself and more of God.
Think less of yourself and more of others and
think less of yourself and more of your environment.
The less you think of yourself, the more God thinks of you.
The less you have now, the more your rewards in Heaven will be.
The less you need now, the more you will receive in gifts from God.
True happiness can only be found in God.
When you are in love with God, nothing more is required.
Nothing more is needed. You look no further, for God is all.

Happiness is God, and God is happiness.

From The Obvious Way
God the Father 2nd April 1995


There is only one truth, the truth that comes from God, the truth that is God. Whether or not mankind believes it, it is still the truth.
In times of old many did not believe the world was round, but it is. Many did not believe the earth rotates around the sun, but it does. The truth is the truth regardless of what mankind thinks. Now understand this truth, in the beginning was God, nothing existed except God. There were no stars, no planets, no gases, no particles, nothing, except God.
God the Creator in His love created the first matter and from this matter God made it all. It is not important if this matter was minute particles that exploded to create mass or if it was mass brought into being with God's word. All that is of concern is that from nothing God created and that is the truth whether or not mankind accepts it. Mankind denies so much that is true until it is shown the proof; mankind accepts little until there is evidence to prove it; mankind closes its eyes to the truth until its eyes are opened by overwhelming facts which show what is true.
Now is the time to look at and discuss some of the basic truths which are denied by mankind. Now is the time to open your minds and your hearts to the reality of the true existence of mankind and the universe.

From The Way of Life
Lord Jesus 16th April 1995

By the lake as the water lapped upon the sand I sat and watched My disciples in their boat. They had caught nothing and were wondering if they would. Then they saw their Lord by the fire on the shore and they did not know Me. I directed them to cast their nets out again and when the nets were pulled in they were filled with fish. Peter then knew Me and in his joy jumped into the water to come to Me. He completely abandoned all else to come to his Lord whom he loved. The lesson that day was to trust in Me for without Me you cannot succeed. Follow My Word and your catch will be great, follow yourself and your catch will be empty. To do this you must abandon yourself joyfully in Me and be prepared to commit yourself fully to Me.

Alan Ames Ministry

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