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Messages from the Father- Volume 1

This book is a compilation of messages received from Our Father in Heaven.
We hope and pray that everyone who reads these messages will be touched by
the grace of God and guided to a deeper relationship with Him

"Alan's new book, and perhaps his
greatest, has changed my life!"
- Dr. Rosalie Turton

Two messages from the book:

15 May 1995

The way to find God is Jesus, for Jesus is God.
The way to find happiness is Jesus, for Jesus is happiness.
The way to find eternal life is Jesus, for Jesus is eternal life.
The only way is Jesus and all ways are Jesus.

25 January 1996

On a throne of gold I sit in glory...the glory that is God.
On a throne of gold, I sit in joy...the joy that is love.
On a throne of gold, I sit and wait for My children
to share in My love that will fill them with joy
and bring them to My glory.

Alan Ames Ministry

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