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The Lord of Love

In this book The Lord of Love opens His Divine Heart and shows people what living in His love can bring into their lives and what living outside of it costs.

With clear and gentle direction and encouragement the Lord guides each one back to the life they were created to live. He also reminds people over and over that no matter how far they may have strayed from the way of true life that He is always prepared to forgive each person and to welcome them with a tender embrace of love into His eternal glory.



Today, sadly many seem to have forgotten that God is love and have a fear of God but how can it be that we fear the one who loves us and only wants the best for each person?  It should be that we embrace our loving Lord into our lives not push Him away.  It is by embracing Him that we humans can find what true love is and what it is to live in true love.  It is by embracing Him that we can find the peace and security in life, which brings us certainty and no fear.  In the confusion of life today many wonder why life is so bad and wonder why it cannot be better.  Well, life can be better by accepting Our Lord’s love and by living in His love, for it is by doing this that people are open to His Divine Grace.  His grace, which brings goodness and all that a person needs to live a better life.  It is because so many deny Our Lord’s love that they deny this wonderful grace and find their lives full of confusion and uncertainty.  God from the beginning has told mankind He loves them and has continued to tell mankind of His love for them.  God from the beginning has said that if mankind lives in His way of love; loving Him above all else and loving each other, that life will be good.  Mankind sadly has not listened and continues to suffer.

As you read these messages from The Lord of Love you will find that each one of them is loving and is there to lead people deep into the love of Christ, Our Lord.  From the first word Our Lord Jesus spoke to me I knew He loved me and I knew I loved Him and with every word He continues to speak I know His love and I am strengthened in His love.  In these words Our Lord makes it very clear that there is not one person He denies His love to and that His desire is that all people will accept His love and accept the wonderful grace that comes with His love.  My hope is that by sharing these beautiful words with others, as the Lord has asked me to, that those who read them will find in each word the same love that I have found and be filled with the richness of God’s love in a special way.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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