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Through the Eyes of Jesus
Volume 1
The Lord Jesus shows Alan parts of His life as
He walked through the Holy Land. He shows Alan
events that happened, discussions between the Lord
and the Apostles, and He allows Alan to percieve
some of His thoughts. It is very simply written and
easy to read so that all may understand the profound
messages that the Lord gives.
Also available as an audio book - hear excerpt

From the Editor's note (Dr Rosalie A.Turton, Director, 101 Foundation)
Scripture tells us, "And I suppose that if all the other events in Jesus' life were written, the whole world could hardly contain the books!" (John 21:23).

In our times we have been privileged to be able to read the private revelations.... telling us some of the incidents which may have occurred in the lives of Jesus and the saints. Once again we are blessed with some private revelations about the life of Jesus, given by Him to Carver Alan Ames. A sample of the text from the revelation of February 20, 1996, will whet your appetite so you too can look Through the Eyes of Jesus.

"The sound of horses and men marching quickly could be heard and then a garrison of Roman soldiers passed us heading for the village. The clatter of their weapons and the stamping of their feet almost deafened us as they passed.

When we arrived at the village it was in turmoil. The soldiers had searched the houses for rebels and had arrested five men whom they were treating harshly. The villagers were gathered around begging the Romans to free the men. They proclaimed the innocence of the men and called for their release. The Centurion on his horse would not listen and ordered his soldiers to push the crowd back.

As they did a young boy broke free and ran forward crying, "Father, father." A large burly soldier hit him very hard with his closed fist and the young boy, who was about four years old, fell to the ground and began to convulse. The crowd became silent as the officer boomed, "You fool, he is only a child !"

The officer jumped from his horse and leaned over the child who had stopped convulsing and was now dead. As he removed his helmet tears were seen running down his face and he cried, " He is only a child, a baby. My son is this age, a baby." He began to sob from his heart.

I walked forward as the crowd parted to make way for Me. The soldiers looked as if to stop Me when someone shouted, "It is Jesus of Nazareth, the great prophet, the great healer." Hearing this, the soldiers stood back and I went to the child. The Centurion looked at Me and said, "Can You help?"

In his heart I could see a lost soul, one full of the pain of the work he did, full of death and destruction... but hidden behind this confusion I could also see compassion, love and hope.

"I will", was My reply as I leaned forward and picked up the child.

"But he is dead," said the soldier who had hit the boy, "There is nothing You can do now."

I gave him a soft smile and said, "My Father, who sent Me, saves or takes life. It is His to command... and if it is His will that this child lives then he will live." "

Then Your Father must be a magician," said the soldier.

"No, My Father is the God of Creation who made all things and it His will that this child lives."

As I said this the child awoke crying, "Mother !"

The soldier stood back amazed as the child's mother came and took him... full of joy, full of thanks and praising God for His mercy. The soldiers were still staring at Me as the crowd began to praise God in unison. "Who are You?" shouted a soldier in fear.

"I am", I said and the crowd became silent.

"What sort of an answer is that? I asked who You are and You say, 'I am'?"

"I am the Son, I am the Lamb and I am the forgiveness of God." The Centurion jumped on his horse nervously and snapped at his men, "Set those prisoners free. We do not want them." He looked at Me and gave a nod of thanks as he rode off leading his men from the village."

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