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Through the Eyes of Jesus
Volume 2

The Lord continues to show Alan parts of His
life as he walked through the Holy Land. There
are many very beautiful and simple lessons
for all of mankind in this book.

A sample excerpt from the book :

"Tell us more of Lazarus," I said to James and Justus.

"Lord," said James, "it is wonderful what he does. He gathers together the people who have heard You talk and they discuss Your words. Often many people come who have not heard You, but they come to listen and discuss what You have said. Then together they all spend time in prayer. It is such a happy time; truly joyful."

"Yes, Lord," cut in Justus, "and when they ponder on Your words they see so much in them. I was amazed at how much could be learned from Your parables."

"Lazarus seems to understand a lot from a little," said James, "and his sisters are very helpful bringing food and drinks, then sitting in the background just listening," he finished.

"A good family," I said.

Justus mused, "Lord, I did notice that sometimes there were Pharisees there who were questioning just about everything that was said and often writing down Your words. They looked as if they did not have much love in their hearts."

"How did Lazarus deal with them?" asked Peter, with a genuine interest.

James spoke, "Brother, it did not seem to worry him. He just answered truthfully and in love."

I saw Lazarus before Me standing up and trusting completely in God as he answered many difficult questions and not being angry with those who argued with him, only loving them. What an example to mankind on how to serve God with love, with trust and with humility.

"Did he say anything about me?" asked Judas.

"No, why?" replied James.

"Oh, it doesn't matter," said Judas, who was glad that his taking of some coins on our last visit to Lazarus' home had gone unnoticed. Little did he understand it was noticed, but that in his love Lazarus had forgiven him. Judas was happy that his crime was unknown so now he could forget about it; it would be as if it never happened. Like so many others, he believed if you got away with a wrong then it was a victory and you need not concern yourself over what you had done. How easily evil deceives and brings false security and how sad it will be on Judgement Day for those who live this way.

It was with a heavy heart I spoke, "There are those who in life commit many wrongs and think nothing of it. They see it as the only way to live and often when they come in contact with people who live a good life they condemn or reject them. Goodness for many seems a ridiculous way to live, a naive way to be. Many take advantage of good people, use them, abuse them and make fun of them, often thinking how stupid are the good ones to let them get away with their actions. These people who commit the wrongs cannot see that it is because of the goodness, the love and the hope in others lives that the love of God still shines in the world."

"How sad would life be without goodness in the world," I said, as My followers nodded in agreement, even Judas, who did not understand I was talking of him, as well as those Pharisees who opposed what Lazarus was saying and doing in My name.

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